15 January 2015

Since when did supermarket clothing become cool?!

We were pleasantly surprised this afternoon when George's current seasons trend landed in our inbox! Since when did supermarket clothing look this good?

We are all for quality, good ethics, investing in items that will last and spending money wisely, but when supermarkets produce great designs and market their products in a way that competes with higher quality brands of course we want to take a look. 

But before your spend, consider your options carefully:
So, because the price points are competitive, low and convenient rather than splurge on more items than your wardrobe space allows before you spend your well earned cash, treat the item as you would if it cost 5 times as much: Justify the purchase, consider how you'll wear it, what it will work with in your existing wardrobe and make sure you really are getting your moneys worth. Look at the care label, consider the texture and quality of the item so you know that you are still buying clothes you love and getting your money's worth. 

You don't always need to buy the whole outfit (unless your having a complete wardrobe detox!) and don't be tempted with 'less cost = more items'! Consider saving the pennies and spending pounds on higher quality where it's needed. 

In the meantime, just a little peek at that lovely Spring blue jacket isn't going to hurt... 

For more style advice and ways to save money on your wardrobe click here for a friendly chat with a stylist

14 January 2015

Keep warm & wear your scarf with style

Fashionista.com have recently inspired us on a similar article we posted last season about different ways to wear a scarf - this season it's about the blanket scarf, and what better time to pull one of these beauties out of the closet and wear it in style?

31 October 2014

Quedam #StyleMe Fashion Makeover Competition Results!

Wednesday 22nd October may have been an ordinary shopping day for most, but was an eventful day at Quedam Shopping Centre since they had the pleasure of Yeovil Town football players ready to accompany the winner of Quedams recent fashion make-over competition #StyleMe. 

The lucky lady; Rebecca Hobson couldn’t believe her luck when she was selected as the winner to this very special day “I’ve never won anything before. I absolutely adore fashion, but have no idea what I’m doing! My husband gets so frustrated with me and my wardrobe, this is exactly what I need!” The 40 year old mother of two, tells us how time is precious, she needs a wardrobe to work for her so she can stop spending money on pointless purchases and focus on her career and family. “I’ve always known a personal stylist would help my addiction to shopping and save me money, but didn’t have the confidence to approach one, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am” 

Rebecca’s stylist for the day Emmeline Stevens from The image Consulting Company says “Becs has been a dream to work with, she had the tools there she just needed to know how to use them, I can see that this opportunity at the turn of the season is the break she needs from the stress of her wardrobe, I’m so pleased that not only did we find a great Autumn outfit, she’s gone away with a plethora of advice to work with going forward, thus saving her money in the long run by shopping wisely” 

Alongside Emmeline, stylist Brigitte Ward came on board to look after the Yeovil Town Football Players: Kieffer Moore & Sarah Wiltshire. Both players couldn’t have been more different - a confident Kieffer at a staggering 6’6” with petite porcelain prettiness Sarah at his side. Both players not only had the luxury of a fashion stylist but walked away with an Autumn outfit of their choice. 

Both Emmeline and Brigitte commented on how inspirational and versatile the Autumn fashion is at Quedam this season “River Island have got too many items both Becs and I got carried away with, from sheepskin style coats to the most comfortable wedge boots and leather look skirt. New Look took us by surprise too with some great Autumn pastels at amazing prices that made the budget stretch miles!” Emmeline says. Whilst Brigitte favoured TopShop “We all fell in love with a moss green faux fur gilet, Topshops cutting edge styling really added the finishing touch to the outfits we tried. We couldn’t have had more choice and versatility for every age at Quedam, one day just isn’t enough!” 

Emmeline, Brigitte and the team would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in this successful day and the very helpful staff in each store, particularly Starbucks for being the location of the final shoot with such patience at the end of a long day!

Follow the journey on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter and watch out for more of these opportunities in the future. In the meantime, here's a snippet of the day...

Take a look on Quedam's website for more detailed images

30 October 2014

Spectacles never looked so good #Cutler&Gross

We've recently become aware of the amazing brand that is glasses specialist Cutler & Gross, their new store in Bath is not just a fresh look on what you can expect from an optician, but a brand with a fashionable outlook on their collection. Whether you want a non optical pair of sunglasses or spectacles for reading - we love a brand with unique style and finally we have just the place locally...pop in for a chat with the team members and look out for their invitations to special fashion related events.

9 Bridge street
+44 (0) 1225 428427

See also: 

16 Knightsbridge Green, London 
+44 (0) 207 581 2250


7 Knightsbridge Green
+44 (0)207 590 9995

20 October 2014

Quedam: #StyleMe Fashion Makeover Competition

Did you have the opportunity to enter this amazing competition? Our stylist Emmeline is working with Quedam Shopping Centre in Yeovil to make a difference to one lucky winners day - having them styled head to toe, walking away with £200 worth of new seasons clothes, a magazine style photoshoot at the end of the day alongside 2 Yeovil Town Football players: Kieffer Moore & Sarah Wiltshire.

Details of this competition are featured on Quedams website, Facebook & Twitter. The competition deadline was 19th October, but if you didn't have the chance to enter this time make sure you head over to Quedam & TiCC's Facebook page and 'like' each page for the opportunity to enter similar competitions and prize draws in the near future.

In the meantime, head back soon to see the results of this fantastic opportunity and how our winner was styled from start to finish on the day.

Press article courtesy of Western Gazette

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06 October 2014

Bristol Fashion Week AW14

Bristol Fashion Week AW14
#PersonalStylists #ImageConsultants

Were you one of the many that came to see us at Bristol Fashion Week this season? THE only place to get free fashion and style advice from professional Image Consultants after a fabulous fashion show that The Mall at Cribbs Causeway host every season. 

Every year - March & September, The Mall see's a spectacular fashion event you won't find anywhere else in the SouthWest, with great value show tickets to an exclusive event you also get a goody bag - literally full of goodies! - and the opportunity to relax in the pamper zone with complimentary manicures, reflexology and of course Personal Stylists ready to answer your fashion dilemmas and style questions. 

We're not your average traditional team of Image Consultants, neither are we hot trend setters ready to change the world. We are realistic, friendly, down to earth professionals that have worked with many clients with much experience in colours, dressing the body shape, managing the wardrobe and helping you save money. We are not endorsed by any brand or retailer and the advice we give is purely bespoke -  everything is specially curated for you and you only. 

So next time you're at The Mall during the month of March or September pop along and book in with us for your free taster style session. You don't know until you try! 

If you can't wait until then, drop us a line and we'll have a chat or meet you for coffee - no obligation or charge, just find out what we're all about! 

Click here for our contact details

"What colours should I wear?"
"How do I dress my body shape?"
"I have nothing to wear!"

Image Consultant: Karen Lowe BFW AW14

See you next season - March 2015!

19 September 2014

FREE Personal Style Consultations, Prize Draws, Discounts..time for Bristol Fashion Week AW14

AUTUMN: That time of year we start thinking about the change in our wardrobes, shopping for new clothes and how to dress for colder weather and feel good.
The catwalk at Bristol Fashion Week is not only a great day out with friends, but gives great inspiration of the things you should be looking at this coming season and we are privileged to accompany BFW giving away FREE fashion & style advice

But it's not all about the catwalk. Personal Stylists: Karen & Emmeline will be inside The Mall waiting to book you in for a free 10 minute consultation so you can ask a style professional to answer your fashion related questions. You can also take advantage of our show exclusive low rate consultations...Read on for more details

Book your tickets for the spectacular BFW shows HERE, prices start at just £8.95 The fashion show takes place in a pavilion outside of The Mall while we will be located right in the heart of the shopping centre at The Pamper Zone between Boots & the food area. 

Come and see us:
Thursday 25th, Friday 26th, Saturday 27th between 10am-6pm
Sunday 28th 11am-5pm. 

If you would like to book a FREE consultation during BFW, email us HERE to take advantage of early booking. If you would like to take longer than the 10 minute consultation time, please let us know and we will book you in for a longer reduced price consultation.
Take advantage of a Personal Shopper one-to-one during your time at BFW from as little as £25. We have a limited amount of spaces available so please book early


Visit one of the shows at Bristol Fashion Week and you'll find a fantastic book of discount vouchers on your seat, not only that: flick through and find the opportunity to enter our Prize Draw to win a Personal Style Consultation and Gift Voucher for The Mall, Cribbs Causeway

The only time we offer exclusive discounts is at Bristol Fashion Week - so don't miss out on 20% off Personal Style Consultations. Normal price £50 per hour, discounted price £40 per hour. Book now and take your consultation at a later date or as a special gift. A Personal Stylist on hand to help you understand your body shape and colours. Helping you manage your wardrobe and save money. If you can't make it to BFW you can still take advantage of the discount if you book by midnight Sunday 28th September 2014
Simply click here to let us know


13 September 2014

Doing the school run in style, top tips for being a yummy mummy!

Following a recent article Emmeline wrote for Bath Chronicle this month, we're on the subject of stylish parenthood! 

Many female mothers of younger children I speak to are challenged each morning by the clock v's style resulting in reaching for comfy clothes, lack of effort and a dip in self confidence. Hence our conversations about how to look like you've made an effort when really it's taken you two minutes to present an effortless stylish yummy mummy look. 
Be inspired by others, take a few small tips and you'll follow suit to the stylish parent in the playground. 

Do your homework: Look at your body shape, research and find out the best styles for your shape and lifestyle. Invest only in the things that suit you. Take a little time for yourself and declutter the wardrobe; sift through the things that really don't work for you. Be ruthless!

Get organised, Be prepared: Organise the wardrobe wisely, wear more than 20% of the contents of the wardrobe now you've decluttered. Choose outfits the night before or hang them in the wardrobe in a way that you won't have to think hard about a stylish look. 

What is a stylish look? Research is the key. Look around you, be inspired by others and go with the things that suit your style and make you feel good. 

Wake up! No harm in getting out of bed before the kids - or at least 15 minutes earlier than normal to spend time on yourself. It's important you have just a snippet of time to yourself to increase self confidence. 

Look good, feel good and always accessorise. It takes less than two minutes to grab a necklace, set of bangles or an addition to a simple outfit to give it that 'edge'. Simple but stylish. 


A popular figure often raised in discussions is none other than the Duchess of Cambridge, ok, so perhaps she has a little more help than most of us but Kate has had her fair share of pregnancy troubles and takes motherhood seriously. She doesn't let her style falter on the occasions she doesn't have the help of a dresser and keeps things simple. 

Try a simple pair of jeans and breton stripe top like this on from Joules at just £24.95. Joules are celebrating their 25th Birthday and are giving 25% discount NOW (code BDAY25 until Sept 14th)

Mothers with more womanly shapes include Katie Holmes who effortlessly varies her styles with or without daughter Suri. This outfit is very simply put together, it's just having the right tools in the wardrobe to do it - which is where your homework and organisation come in to play. 

One of my style icons is quirky Sarah Jessica-Parker, a very simple selection of casual sweater & jeans doesn't perhaps get the envy of the playground, but SJP feels good in her skin and her clothes, not the most garish or wildly outspoken woman but the way she presents herself speaks volumes in enviable fashion. 

Get personalised, bespoke Personal Style advice to inspire the yummy mummy in you.  
Don't be afraid to ask us anything! 

Emmeline x

31 July 2014

What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror?

We came across this video called What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror? and was inspired by the individuals who appear in the clip. It is really interesting in how people of different ages and experiences view themselves differently. It is not just their physical appearance but their personal experiences that affects their opinions when looking at themselves in the mirror. Take a look for yourself!

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Remember to pick out the positives and not just the neagatives!

Video Source: http://mirrorsme.no

29 July 2014

A/W Trend Watch: Sixties

Another A/W trend that has caught our attention is the Sixties influence! The quirky prints, sharp silhouettes and high hemlines of the era has admittedly created an excited buzz in the TiCC office. We can't resist the fun, colourful statement of the era and how that will translate to an Autumn/Winter trend.

As always remember to not feel pressured to wear the trend from head to toe. An accessory, printed top or structured jacket will allow the trend to be worn in a way that compliments your style. Our stylists love to find inspiration from the latest trend yet interpret the craze in a way that suits their body shape and individual style.

Check out the looks from the catwalk! Which is your favourite?