22 April 2014

A Day In The Life of A Personal Stylist: Spring Fashion Fix

As you are all aware Stylists Amy and Emmeline travelled to the Spring Fashion Fix to provide expert colour consultations both privately and publicly. Emmeline was based at The Oracle Reading whereas Amy was stationed at Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester. Amy is available this Tuesday afternoon to describe her experience at the fabulous event to launch Spring/Summer 2014.

"Arriving at 10:30am I was able to make myself familiar with the vibrant and inspiring location that had been magically constructed the previous evening. I was guided to my station by the lovely marketing team where I would provide personal colour consultations for the duration of the event. Surrounded by beauty specialists from The Body Shop, Clarins, The Brow Bar (to name a few) Spring Fashion Fix was ready to commence!"

"Throughout the day Interior Stylist and TV Design expert, Sophie Robinson presented the Style Fix Workshops alongside Stylist for ITV Lorraine, Sarah Tankel Ellis. The showcase demonstrated how to easily wear this seasons trends in a variety of ways with items carefully selected from the stores within Highcross. With Pretty Things, Going Global, Monochrome, Sports Luxe and Colour Palette on the trend agenda there was certainly an explosion of colour and style to inspire the audience within the shopping centre."

"To demonstrate how colour analysis works I was given the opportunity to carry out live Colour Fix Presentations with Sophie Robinson. This was a fantastic opportunity to show how important wearing the right colour for your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour is when selecting shades from the latest fashion craze. I carried out a colour analysis during the presentation to ensure that the audience could really visualise how wearing the correct tone can give you confidence and look vibrant. I thoroughly enjoyed the fashion filled event!"

If you missed the Spring Fashion Fix in Leicester and Reading, book a colour consultation today where a stylist can advise you on what colours work for you this season!! Also, don't forget to follow our blog as all our events we attend or create will be documented here first!! Don't miss out!!

21 April 2014

Summer Style: How to Wear Prints (Whatever your Age/Shape/Size!)

Prints are always huge for Spring/Summer and for some, it can be a tricky one to tackle! The Autumn/Winter can be a safety net for style in terms of cosy knits, simple dark colours and it's totally OK to just wear black skinny jeans and a cute jumper all the time, because, it's cold isn't it? We're all guilty of this sometimes, just wearing what we're used to, especially in the colder months. 

But, the sun's on it's way and hopefully we'll get some lovely weather so it's time to ditch the cardigans and failsafe colours and inject some prints into our lives! This post will show you how to wear prints whatever your occasion, shape, age or size! If you have any questions or we've not answered something that you think we may need to cover, send us an email or Tweet us for a super speedy response to @Theimageconsco

Do you need a summertime event outfit?

If you're looking for something for a summertime wedding or garden party and you feel like you'd need an injection of print and colour try one of the dresses below. If you're a lady with a bigger bust then the strapless one could be perfect for you, enhancing an hourglass silhouette. The green floral Reiss number is fab for slightly pear shaped ladies as the flared out skirt will skim over the bits that you don't want to cling to! The higher neck also looks better on a smaller bust. 

Does your office wear need brightening up?

You can still bring the prints to the office, but perhaps just one statement piece is more business like! Try a printed blazer like this one from Warehouse or a floral skirt like this J. Crew one to bring the work day alive. 

Scared of wearing prints day to day? 

For a less formal occasion but you still feel like bringing out the printed big guns why not try a trouser or a jumpsuit in a printed fabric. Primark have some amazing printed jumpsuits at the moment, so if you feel like you might want to give it a go but don't want to invest too much money into the look as you're unsure, try Primark out for size before you jump in feet first! 

Try wearing a printed bottom if you're larger on the top and vice versa, it will balance you out and draw the eye away from the larger area that you don't want as your focal point. Pair them with a plain tee like we have below with these fab Topshop trousers and choose a modern accessory like these monochrome flats for a fashion (but comfy) edge!

Jumpsuits and prints don't always have to mean crazy colours, this Maison Scotch Khaki printed jumpsuit is a lovely flattering colour for most skin tones and can be jazzed up with accessories. Why not try the tribal/ethnic vibe with this look? 

Straight up & down gals, whatever your age can get away with the printed top as there's no bust to get in the way! Printed tops are also great on pear-shapes as it draws the eye away from the bottom half. If you're 20s-30s the crop-top is still in range, just as long as you style it how you're comfortable. Pair with high-waisted skirts and trousers if you're not keen on having your mid-riff out. 

Hopefully this helped you if you're struggling with how to wear prints in the up and coming warmer months! Let us know if you have any questions. 

19 April 2014

M&S SS14 Leading Ladies Campaign

Let us introduce Annie Lennox, Emma Thompson, Rita Ora, Baroness Lawrence, Roma Agrawal, Lulu Kennedy, Rachel Khoo and Alek Wek as M&S' SS14 Leadin Ladies (a tremendous round of applause and read on).

If you couldn't tell we are loving M&S' new Spring/Summer Advertising Campaign where a selection of influential leading ladies (mentioned above) have been called upon to represent their collection and females of 2014!! The retailer have purposely picked a diverse range of women who possess different professions, body shapes, and skin tone (right up our street).

The refereshing campaign demonstrates how M&S can cater for various ages, figures, personalities and job roles. Each leading lady represents a different market of which women can easily identify with. The campaign also explores various trends for SS14 and illustrates that all types of women can wear the trend of the season with ease and comfort.

Which lady can you relate to? Are you finding it difficult to dress your body shape? Book a personal shop today and let one of our stylists allow you to become a leading lady in your own story!

18 April 2014

The Friday Girl's Picks: How to Style The Midi Skirt Trend

The midi skirt is a huge trend this Spring/Summer14. We've seen them before, but this time round, there's less body con and a few more swishy and pretty shapes about. The midi skirt is rests in-between your ankle and your knee, it's really flattering and looks the best with heels. A midi skirt with flats can make you look shorter than you are, so keep the heels on!

The full circle skirt can look really 50s and swishy, pretty and girly but can also look really modern. This vinyl Topshop number is definitely a modern take on the retro classic. £55

This incredible ASOS Scuba material skirt is a modern take on the classic A-Line shape. I LOVE it. £30. This looks perfect with the white shirt it's styled with and would look amazing paired with some monochrome animal print too. 

This beauty from Zara, for only £35 is a great summer shade and would work really well with so many colours. Best for top heavy ladies to make the most of your great legs. 

See how these lovely ladies style their midi skirts:

17 April 2014

Spring Fashion Fix

Today our stylists are on the move armed with vital information to share with the lovely people of Leicester and Reading. Amy is travelling to the Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester and Emmeline is making her way to The Oracle Reading to provide colour and style advice for the Spring Fashion Fix event. Spend your time discovering new trends, watching style workshops, being pampered at the beauty pods and much more. Expect to find presentations to demonstrate what colours suit you and what styles work for your individual body shape from the latest trends; plus a chance to book an appointment to chat to the stylists yourself.

Are you interested? Find out more here. If Highcross Shopping Centre or The Oracle are your local shopping destination and favourite fashion fix come and get involved in the event TODAY!! You will not be disappointed!!

16 April 2014

Menswear Wednesday: The Short List

It’s getting to that time of year. The sun is getting warmer, you can almost hear the sound of bottles being cracked open and the smell of sausages sizzling is in the air. When it’s time to ditch the work wear and to enjoy the sun you want to make sure that you’re doing so in style. Wearing shorts is not an excuse to take short cuts with your wardrobe.

I’ve compiled a short list of 5 ways to put a spring in your step this year and to make sure you don’t come up short when it comes to shorts. From budget to bold there is a style here to suit everyone.

The ASOS brand is the perfect starting point for shorts on a budget. With tons of styles you really can’t go wrong. Just caught the weather forecast and tomorrow looks like a heat wave? With ASOS Premier you can also get free next day delivery for a year. Perfect! The lightweight chino material will balance out the darker colour choice making this a cool choice this summer.

Not ready to ditch the jeans just yet? Go for a light blue pair of denim shorts giving off a relaxed, summer vibe. These shorts will look awesome paired will a plain white crew neck tee and a nice pair of vans.

If you’re the kind of guy that cares about his appearance whilst at the gym then these Converse shorts are for you. As well as being the perfect gym shorts in cotton sweat material these shorts will also look perfect teamed with a pair of fresh Havaianas for a laid back afternoon in the garden. 

If you’re the sort of guy that likes to make a statement and is dreaming of hotter climates then these Son of Wild shorts inspired by Middle Eastern patterns are just the ticket.

If you’re a label lover and like classic brands with modern twists you really can’t beat Ralph Lauren. These outstanding bird print shorts in a soft pink really give off a confident vibe and will have the ladies cooing over you this summer.

All photos are sourced from www.asos.com

15 April 2014

How To Pack For Your Holiday

The Summer months are fast approaching and with Easter just around the corner I am sure you all have a lovely holiday to look forward to. Now, here is the tricky part...............what to pack?? Before you start to stress our Stylists at The image Consulting Company have a few words of advice of how to pack stylish essentials.

  1. Firstly choose the correct size bag/suitcase to use. A small bag might seem like a good idea but if it doesn't fit everything in you will begin to feel stressed.
  2. Work out how many outfits you will need for the amount of days away. Don't forget to consider  if you need evening attire also. 
  3. Check the weather too (especially if your vacation is in England). This may add or eliminate a few items. 
  4. Start by packing easy items such as underwear, pj's and toiletries (suncream) as this will make you feel as though you have already begun the packing process and you are ready to consider your outfit options.
  5. Remember to put together outfits with pieces that with various looks such as a jumper that can be worn with a pair of jeans and over a dress. 
  6. Don't over pack as you will loose sight of the outfits you have. Of course, take a few extra "just in case" pieces incase your spill your drink or get rained on etc. 
  7. Pack accessories that work with the majority of your outfits as this will add interest and dress up a look for the evening. For example scarves and necklaces are perfect for dressing up an outfit! A sun hat is a stylish yet practical necessity. Also the scarf can be used to protect your shoulders from the sunshine. 
  8. Ensure you take a small variety of shoes that can be teamed with all styles such as a pair of sandals, heels and trainers. 
  9. Once you have chosen what to take write a list and tick off each item as you pack to avoid having to check later. 
  10. Finally, pack your money, keys, passport (if needed) and mobile phone in a seperate bag for easy access and security. 
Below is an example of how to pack for a day out that may include a journey there (trousers, scarf jumper and daps) a trip to the beach (swimsuit, sandals, scarf, suncream and sun hat) and out for dinner (floral dress, shoes, necklace and sun hat - the jumper may be needed for an extra layer in the evening). Easy!!

Give it a try yourself with your own wardrobe prior to your holiday! It will be a great way to see what else you need! Remember if you need any help, invite one of our stylists over for a wardrobe consultation. We would love to help you pack for your holiday!

14 April 2014

Tips for Getting Ready in A Hurry! Style Tips for Yummy Mummies

At The image Cons Co, we know better than anyone that being a mum is hard work! You need to be ready quickly, regardless of whether you're working or not! Even if you're a stay at home mum, you need to be up and ready, of course you do. We understand this. Whether you're a working mum or not, the following tips will help you to look and feel fab without the stress of getting ready! You can adapt these tips to the time that you have available, they can be easily fitting into your busy schedule. 

Outfit Planning
We all know the feeling, mum or not, when you NEED to be somewhere and you don't know what you're wearing, this is a nightmare, you suddenly blank out and forget how to dress yourself! This even happens to us stylists sometimes. Our secret weapon is outfit planning! 
Either dedicate a clothes rail in a corner of your bedroom to outfits that you know work for you and you feel comfortable in, OR, pick out an outfit the night before you go to sleep, so that when you wake up, it's all there ready for you!

By outfit planning, we don't mean wear your best clothes, we just mean pick out something that's going to suit you, make you feel great and look stylish. This could be your favourite jeans, a breton top, a navy blazer and some Converse. Comfy, stylish, easy to put on. Perfect. Just make sure it's ready for when you wake up. Trust us, it'll make morning outfit choices 100% easier. 

When you lay things out, make sure they're ready to be worn tomorrow, iron them the night before if they're creased! Also prep yourself, if you normally shower in the morning then why not try moisturising the night before with a little gradual tan, you'll wake up in the morning a little bit golden and ready to face the day! 

Keep it Simple
Simple is the aim of the game when you're a mum, you need to be comfy, mobile and able to react quickly because who knows what those little angels are going to do next, right? So jeans and leggings are perfect. Just make sure that everything you wear, fits you perfectly and compliments your body. If you think that you need some help with what fits, why not try and hour with one of our personal stylists? They'd have you sorted in no time and you'll leave feeling amazing. 

With simple, some people may see it as boring. Others may see it as minimalist and chic but for some of us, we need a little va va voom in our outfits to make us feel that little bit special. Try a bright handbag, statement necklace or scarf to brighten up any outfit. This may be a cliched thing to say but it works every time! Of course, this may be limited to the age of your children, if they are still at grab anything they see baby stage, a necklace may not be the best idea! But, you know what works for you. 

In terms of quick fix beauty, try a BB or CC cream instead of a foundation, it glides on like a moisturiser and evens out flaws. Cover with a quick setting of powder to make sure it sticks all day. Finish with a little blusher or bronzer and a bit of mascara and you've got a fresh and good to go look. If you feel that your eyes are looking tired, eyelash curlers will become your best friend. They make your eyes look immediately more awake and paired with your favourite mascara, your lashes will look longer too. Add a little brightening concealer  underneath your eyes to really make them open up!

Hopefully this helped! Tweet us @Theimageconso if you have any questions!

12 April 2014

Navy: The Perfect Black Substitute

When discussing colour with our clients many declare that black is the shade that they claim to feel most comfortable in. However, as a neutral base that can be teamed with a variety of colours navy is a warmer substitute. Of course, black can be worn in small doses but preferably away from the face such as a pair of trousers or within a print.

Navy can still provide the same comfort and security that black does but without the harsh contrast. Trust us, it will be an easy transition as navy is not a far move from the chosen colour that many hide behind and can still be used as a foundation to any outfit. The shade can be worn as a blazer, dress, trousers or skirt, which can be effortlessly teamed with an array of colours.

Do you wear navy? If not, the next time you buy a wardrobe staple choose navy to form a warm basis to your outfit - you will not be disappointed!!

11 April 2014

The Friday Girl's Picks: Fearne Cotton for Very

Fearne Cotton is one of my favourite celeb ladies, a major hair crush and I also think she seems so lovely and normal, she has lovely style and I love her Radio 1 show! So, all round love for this lady. She's just released her new Very.co.uk collection, (which is actually her 10th collection for them!) and I just wanted to share the love a little bit and have a look at some of my favourite pieces. What do you think of this collection? Let us know on Twitter! @Theimageconscohttps://twitter.com/TheimageConsCo

Fearne says: "... The collection is about - quirky, trend-led pieces that you can wear anywhere and on the go..."

I love this leather biker & snake print dress.

This floral smock dress is my favourite! 

These yellow heels are my ultimate favourite from the collection!