31 July 2014

What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror?

We came across this video called What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror? and was inspired by the individuals who appear in the clip. It is really interesting in how people of different ages and experiences view themselves differently. It is not just their physical appearance but their personal experiences that affects their opinions when looking at themselves in the mirror. Take a look for yourself!

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Remember to pick out the positives and not just the neagatives!

Video Source: http://mirrorsme.no

29 July 2014

A/W Trend Watch: Sixties

Another A/W trend that has caught our attention is the Sixties influence! The quirky prints, sharp silhouettes and high hemlines of the era has admittedly created an excited buzz in the TiCC office. We can't resist the fun, colourful statement of the era and how that will translate to an Autumn/Winter trend.

As always remember to not feel pressured to wear the trend from head to toe. An accessory, printed top or structured jacket will allow the trend to be worn in a way that compliments your style. Our stylists love to find inspiration from the latest trend yet interpret the craze in a way that suits their body shape and individual style.

Check out the looks from the catwalk! Which is your favourite?

26 July 2014

A/W Trend Watch: Glitter

Many of the Summer sale departments are coming to an end making space for the Autumn/Winter trends. Although, the heat wave is distracting us from the Winter months that will soon be upon us, we still love to see what new styles and influences will be introduced next season. As always here at TiCC we give a gentle nod to trend inspiration by encouraging clients to add stylistic touches rather than changing your entire wardrobe to suit the trend.

The first that caught out eye was the shimmer trend. Take a look at the dazzling numbers below and try to visualise how you can subtly incorporate the glitter into your wardrobe. A clutch back, necklace or glitter laced top perhaps! Get in touch today, if you would like expert advice.

24 July 2014

Schuh's Amazing Return Policy

We've all been in a rush and stumbled past a pair of shoes that you love but do not have time to try them on. Recently, our stylist Amy made a fascinating discovery when in a very similar predicament. The sale tempted her to pop into Schuh before catching her train from Bath and saw a pair of flat polka dot sandals that she adored. However, she had little time to check if the spotty shoes fit and was concerned as her usually size was too small so she decided to choose a larger pair. 

To double check she asked the assistant how long the return policy is and to her amazement he replied 365 days! Yes you have heard correctly a whole year!!!! Of course, the piece of footwear is required to be in the exact condition that the shoes were bought (so unworn) and to have your receipt present. Sooooo many individuals have items in their wardrobe for long periods of time that is unworn. However, with a returns policy like this you will be able to either exchange the goods for another item or get your money back. 

Let's all have a root in our wardrobes for Schuh footwear that you have never worn that are in pristine condition, the retailer is going above and beyond to provide an excellent service for their customers, which is refreshing to witness. 

Don't believe us - see for yourselves!!!     

23 July 2014

Work the Heat in Style

How are you coping?

Now, we are not one to complain about the heat but July has been unbearably hot especially when working in an office with NO air conditioning. We've all been there and endured a stressful day that leaves you running for fresh air come 5 o'clock. To help we have compiled a list of useful items to wear to see you through the heat wave in style.

  • Flowing Skirts - avoid sticking to the chair and allows for air to circulate around your legs.
  • Loose Fit Dresses - unstructured dresses do not cling to your figure allowing for your skin to breathe. 
  • Cotton Tops - simple cotton tops are more breathable than polyester blouses
  • Sandals - wear a simple shoe that is not too tight and lets your feet escape rather than a closed shoe or boot. 
  • Culottes - are a great alternative to trousers and are loose fit around the legs
  • A Fan - to cool yourself in a chic way!

20 July 2014

The Hamam Towel. Emmeline tells us why they're the best beach/home/fashion accessory

You may have seen in this weeks Bath Chronicle magazine supplement 'Weekend' in which I talk about how to pack the perfect suitcase for your holidays. If you have your hands on a copy then you will see that one of the best beach accessories I talk about is the hamam towel. It's a clever little cotton towel; If you don't own one, you should!

The traditional Turkish Hamam towel; complimentary to the Hammam Turkish Bath is not only the perfect item to pack for your holidays because of it's compact folding size, but the ideal beach, swim or home accessory. They have multiple uses and don't cost the earth. They've been around for years but have recently made a modern come back in all shapes, colours and sizes. 

Use as a beach cover-up, a towel to dry yourself or lay upon

Use it to protect from the sun or wind

Use them at home as a hand towel, tea towel or even table decoration

And for those of you clever with your clothes: fold it many directions for the perfect multi-purpose item of clothing. Perfect for the kids too.

Priced from approx £18

We found ours at the following retailers; 

19 July 2014

Quote of the Month: Positivity

Stumbling across this incredible quote focusing on positive thoughts, feelings and actions is extremely uplifting. The TiCC stylists are oozing positivity today on this lovely sunny Saturday evening and we would love to share our feelings with our followers!!!

Combine your positive thoughts with positive feelings and actions for a confident outcome. The thoughts should ignite feelings which will encourage actions. Therefore, do not just think about the the changes you would like to make act upon them : ) Fed up of your wardrobe and style? Don't just think about it ring or email us today to ACT upon your thoughts and feelings! Simple - just follow the quote!!

17 July 2014

What to Wear to a Wedding

The wedding season is in full swing with countless loving couples eagerly awaiting to say 'I do.' The happy occasion demands a formal attire from the guests attending. It is important to remember that when selecting an outfit for the occasion always choose items that you can wear again. It is pointless to splash out on a frock that will always be referred to as 'the dress for Lindsey's wedding.'

Stay true to your own style and remember that trouser suits and skirts are acceptable to wear for the formal occasion. Do not feel pressured to wear a fascinator or hat if you feel uncomfortable. Simply opt for accessories that compliment the outfit and provides confidence. Remember to pick shoes that can be worn for the duration of the day and for dancing the night away : )

If you need help organising your wedding outfit get in touch to find out what suits your body shape and skin tone to dazzle on the day.

15 July 2014

The Stylist Challenge: Try Something New This Summer

We've all had the realistation that appears when you are asked to try on an outfit or garment that you are unsure of and it is perfect!! An item can look unflattering when hanging lifelessly on the hanger yet when the garment is tried on the design looks amazing!! 

It is always worthwhile heading to the changing rooms if you are unsure of an item or a garment that has been recommended by a friend to your despair. However, trying on a range of styles and shapes can allow for you to identify what highlights your figure well and what doesn't quite work. It is great to experiment whilst shopping and stepping out of your comfort zone. 

As Personal Stylists we regularly encourage clients to try items that we have picked that they are initially uncertain of. It is fantastic to witness the delight and confidence that women feel in clothing that compliments their figure especially when it is designs that they never would have dreamed to select without our help.

We challenge you to try on a new item this Summer that you are uncertain of! Let us know how you get on!

This little fella sure got a surprise!! 

14 July 2014

Quedam Summer Fashion Show

This season we had the great pleasure to be involved in putting together an outdoor fashion show with the team at Quedam Shopping centre in Yeovil. With retailers: M&S, Primark, River Island, Roman, USC, Laura Ashley, New Look, Quiz and Monsoon.

This was no ordinary fashion show - each retailers staff had the experience to model in the show and get involved backstage with our team. We wanted everybody to feel part of the show from retailer to audience and to make it interactive our stylist Emmeline hosted the show commentating on each outfit and how shoppers should wear these styles on which body shapes and colourings. 


Something a little different for Yeovil; not only did the audience receive free personal style advice, the team gave away goody bags in return for #summerselfie at our 'tweet board', had a prize draw for a suitcase of 'summer essentials', picnic hamper and much more. 

TWEET TWEET! #summerselfie

The show started sunny for the first half until the heavy rain hit hard - but we weren't going to be stopped, even if it flooded backstage! The show went on successfully being undercover until the sun shone again and the audience walked away with a smile

Emmeline & the team preparing backstage

 Models from every retailer & our model Thea


Of course, this show wouldn't have been possible without the help of a team of dedicated professionals. We would like to say a huge thank you to: 

Antonia & Jo, David & Charlotte, DJ Steve Carpenter, Jack of the fantastic Marquee Hire Co, Western Gazette for some great coverage and everyone who contributed their time and effort in to the event

For more pics and info about Quedam visit:
For coverage from Western Gazette click here

Images courtesy of Beauhemia