15 January 2015

Since when did supermarket clothing become cool?!

We were pleasantly surprised this afternoon when George's current seasons trend landed in our inbox! Since when did supermarket clothing look this good?

We are all for quality, good ethics, investing in items that will last and spending money wisely, but when supermarkets produce great designs and market their products in a way that competes with higher quality brands of course we want to take a look. 

But before your spend, consider your options carefully:
So, because the price points are competitive, low and convenient rather than splurge on more items than your wardrobe space allows before you spend your well earned cash, treat the item as you would if it cost 5 times as much: Justify the purchase, consider how you'll wear it, what it will work with in your existing wardrobe and make sure you really are getting your moneys worth. Look at the care label, consider the texture and quality of the item so you know that you are still buying clothes you love and getting your money's worth. 

You don't always need to buy the whole outfit (unless your having a complete wardrobe detox!) and don't be tempted with 'less cost = more items'! Consider saving the pennies and spending pounds on higher quality where it's needed. 

In the meantime, just a little peek at that lovely Spring blue jacket isn't going to hurt... 

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