13 June 2012

Put your jewellery in a place you'll always see it...

I always bang on about how important accessories are - jewellery is the easiest accessory to add to convert the most basic outfit to a fabulous creation. 

Many of my clients forget to put it on because it's hidden away or not conveniently placed to get to in the morning rush. So you can imagine my surprise when I recently visited this client who has created a fabulous way to store her extensive jewellery collection. 

Made from simple pieces of furniture such as a CD Tower and Bathroom Cabinet, Ms R added a few screw-in hooks here and there with a touch of wallpaper/giftwrap to customise it to her liking. All very Blue Peter, but a simple and effective way of displaying your jewellery in an area you will always see it and never forget to put it on. 

If you have an unusual or creative way of displaying your jewellery, send your images and ideas to:

In the meantime, be inspired...

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