21 September 2012

Laura's Closet

I love it when relatives or friends clear out their wardrobes of unwanted goods! On this occasion my visit home was very well-timed, my sister had a pile of clothes patiently waiting for me to rummage through.
With my sister providing the entertainment by trying on outfits from the past that impressively still fit ten years on (Whoop!!), I found a lovely floral skirt that I remember Laura buying for a wedding years ago (that I was secretively envious of). The large flower print in neutral tones gives a soft and sweet look. The tulle under-skirt creates volume and a slight fifties look. After trying on the skirt I realised it was too big around the waist and rather long for my style.

Not to worry though, I had a clever idea to transform the whole look of the garment. I simply wore the skirt as a strapless dress with my grey oversized sleeveless Topshop tee over the top. Too add shape to my new outfit I fastened a vintage tan belt around my waist pulling all the layers in. I finished off the outfit with my trusty navy blazer and new sandals from Primark – real leather too may I add : )

I was really pleased with my new spontaneous outfit. I loved how wearing my new-found item in a different way updated the skirt giving a fun, bouncy and full look. Creating new styles with the few items I have packed for my trip home, became challenging yet fun.

If anyone is planning on sorting through their wardrobe, ensure that you have thought of a new way of revamping the garment by either adding new accessories or wearing in a completely different way (a skirt as a dress is an easy solution) before parting ways. Alternatively, offer to friends and family even if your dress sizes differ as there are easy ways of adapting the garment to suit new body shapes.

Laura, maybe you should lock your wardrobe before my next visit in October! I am already trying to think of items that I can steal…… or borrow is probably the nicer way of putting it : )

Be inventive,

Vintage Amy xx

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