13 September 2014

Doing the school run in style, top tips for being a yummy mummy!

Following a recent article Emmeline wrote for Bath Chronicle this month, we're on the subject of stylish parenthood! 

Many female mothers of younger children I speak to are challenged each morning by the clock v's style resulting in reaching for comfy clothes, lack of effort and a dip in self confidence. Hence our conversations about how to look like you've made an effort when really it's taken you two minutes to present an effortless stylish yummy mummy look. 
Be inspired by others, take a few small tips and you'll follow suit to the stylish parent in the playground. 

Do your homework: Look at your body shape, research and find out the best styles for your shape and lifestyle. Invest only in the things that suit you. Take a little time for yourself and declutter the wardrobe; sift through the things that really don't work for you. Be ruthless!

Get organised, Be prepared: Organise the wardrobe wisely, wear more than 20% of the contents of the wardrobe now you've decluttered. Choose outfits the night before or hang them in the wardrobe in a way that you won't have to think hard about a stylish look. 

What is a stylish look? Research is the key. Look around you, be inspired by others and go with the things that suit your style and make you feel good. 

Wake up! No harm in getting out of bed before the kids - or at least 15 minutes earlier than normal to spend time on yourself. It's important you have just a snippet of time to yourself to increase self confidence. 

Look good, feel good and always accessorise. It takes less than two minutes to grab a necklace, set of bangles or an addition to a simple outfit to give it that 'edge'. Simple but stylish. 


A popular figure often raised in discussions is none other than the Duchess of Cambridge, ok, so perhaps she has a little more help than most of us but Kate has had her fair share of pregnancy troubles and takes motherhood seriously. She doesn't let her style falter on the occasions she doesn't have the help of a dresser and keeps things simple. 

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Mothers with more womanly shapes include Katie Holmes who effortlessly varies her styles with or without daughter Suri. This outfit is very simply put together, it's just having the right tools in the wardrobe to do it - which is where your homework and organisation come in to play. 

One of my style icons is quirky Sarah Jessica-Parker, a very simple selection of casual sweater & jeans doesn't perhaps get the envy of the playground, but SJP feels good in her skin and her clothes, not the most garish or wildly outspoken woman but the way she presents herself speaks volumes in enviable fashion. 

Get personalised, bespoke Personal Style advice to inspire the yummy mummy in you.  
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