13 September 2013

The Friday Girl's Tips: Find your perfect jeans!

Happy Friday lovely people!

 We all want to find that pair of jeans that makes us want to be like this lady below. You wear only the jeans because they make you feel that good you obviously don't need a top to get that washing detergent out of the cupboard. Those jeans. I've got a few tips this week for how to fit your shape and find your perfect jeans.

First things first, if you want your jeans to really flatter you, you have to work with your body. 

Let's start with body types: We all know that no two bodies are the same, but there are few different types that you might fall into.

If you're a straight up and down girl, with limited curves, you can sometimes be called 'Boyish', other terms are 'Athletic' but we, at The image Consulting Company, go for 'Straight', it's a lot easier to understand!

If you're a curvy or an 'Hourglass' shape then you've got a teeny tiny waist and those incredible Beyonce curves up top and bottom. Essentially in and out.

Full-busted or 'Top-Heavy' ladies are in perfect proportion until it comes to boobs, they're bigger than the rest of you and you need to balance it out with the bottom.

'Pear-Shapes' are the opposite and are bigger on the bottom than they are on the top.

Onto some of the main problems;
To hide a muffin top or a slight love handle, go for a slightly more high-waisted style. This is my problem, I can't wear a jean that will cut me low on the hips because we'll have overspillage and that's not attractive. I go for a slightly more high waisted option which creates a more slimlined silhouette. This is a great style, especially in a skinny jean for an Hourglass shape. These are great, from as they are quite a dark wash and therefore are also really good for creating that slim-lined look.

Top heavy? Go for a flared out or wide legged pair of jeans to balance out your generous top half. This is a great look for Autumn/Winter with some lovely heeled boots but you can also rock it in the Spring/Summer with some wedges. These ASOS dark wash jeans are perfect.

Bootcut jeans will flatter a Pear Shape as it will also balance out your hips just like the wide legged jeans balance out the Top Heavy ladies. This Denham pair will do the trick.

If you're a straight up and down girl, you can wear almost any style of jeans. Skinnies look great and they are are such a versatile wardrobe staple. You can be more adventurous though and why not go for the on-trend Boyfriend jeans? Wear them with Converse for a dressed down look and dress them up at night with a pair of killer heels. Try this lovely pair from Mango at;



If you want to really invest in a great pair of jeans that are perfect for you then brands such as Levi's do personal fittings and with their 'curve', 'demi-curve' fittings you can really find your perfect jeans.

Other fantastic brands for jeans are; Diesel, J Brand, Hudson and 7 For All Mankind. These are famous brands for jeans and you will definitely pay for the quality of the jeans. There are also some great high street options for you to choose from though, I personally love ASOS jeans and you can find so many styles and washes in Topshop and River Island so have a good old search online and set aside a day to go shopping and find those perfect jeans.

Top Tips

Don't get disheartened if you're a 10 in one shop and a 12 in another, sizes vary over brands and even if they're from the same brand family, they will differ! A lot of jeans come in Waist & Length measurements too so it's trial and error to find the perfect ones. It's hard graft, but worth it in the end.

Once you find your perfect measurements, make sure you keep a note of them  and keep them on you whenever you're shopping.
Straight girls can go for a thicker denim fabric, but the more curvy girls should go for a denim with a bit of stretch to really compliment those curves.

If you're still stuck and think you might need some extra help? Book an hour or two with one of our personal stylists and we'll help you find those jeans that you feel amazing in.

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