29 August 2012

Fix Up Look Sharp Launch Party

Last Wednesday evening I met up with my friend Leanne and fellow blogger Mrs Ship Shape to make our way (desperately holding down our dresses after a few embarrassing moments involving the windy weather) to CLIC Sargent charity shop on Gloucester Road, Bristol, ready for the launch party of Fix Up Look Sharp.

Fix Up Look Sharp is not only the title of British Rapper Dizzie Rascal's single but a clever name of an upcycled creative collection by the Fashion Design graduate duo Ruth Strugnell and Gemma Pope. Their aim is to use donated clothes that fail to sell in the charity shop due to large sizing creating an unflattering fit or tiny sizes that female figures will struggle to fit into. During their design process they decided it was key to create panelled garments to use as much of the original garment as possible. For example, bralets are a perfect solution as the pattern cutting and manufacture of this type of clothing primarily consists of small intricate pieces.

Their colour palette and fabric use is limited as the girls work with what is on offer, which is challenging yet fun in creating unique, exclusive items. Recycling and sustainable fashion is an important element of the designers goals as no scrap of fabric is wasted. A great achievement!! Taking inspiration from subjects that are closely matched to their own looks such as street style and festival fashion. Bralets, backless tie tops, bodycon skirts and leggings make up their collection. An alteration service is on offer for anyone who falls in love with a garment but maybe needs little adjustments to suit their body shape.

CLIC Sargent is a charity for children and young people battling cancer. Whilst at the launch party there was an opportunity for everyone to browse the shop's donated stock and purchase items they fell in love with. It is such an important charity as the money is helping families facing an extremely difficult time in their lives.

Here are a selection of images taken by photographer Emillie Hawes. Located in the bowling bar venue, The Lanes, model Bianca Edwards captures the street edge perfectly by posing in front of an array of graffiti art backdrops, with some fierce attitude!!! Go girl!!

Bralet £20, Skirt £15

Bralet £25, Skirt £15

Shirt £15

Shirt £18

Top £25

To create an exciting celebration, cute cupcakes were on offer whilst tapping your foot to some great tunes and admiring artists creating some fantastic artwork on CLIC Sargent's shop wall.

Why not stop by on your way up Gloucester Road and have a little rummage through Fix Up Look Sharp's creations??? A great way of finding a new look and giving to charity at the same time. I sure will be : )

Join the fun,

Vintage Amy xx


  1. Love this Amy...just fab! What's their twitter name?

  2. Can older women look that good?

  3. Emmeline - Thanks, I don't think they have twitter yet! Pippa - of course they can!!