13 August 2012

Put on Your Dancing Shoes!!

If you want to recreate the excited feeling of Christmas morning in August, then eBay is the perfect shopping experience for you! I was looking for the perfect pair of high heels to replace my tired, worn out dancing shoes that have accompanied me on countless nights out.

Searching on eBay I found a beautiful pair of heels, originally from Topshop and go by the name of Sinitta. I opted for the cream version as I loved the contrast to the black chunky heel. The ruffle that leads to the peep toe adds interest and the bold, solid lines create a feminine yet fierce edge. They are delicious : )

I managed to win the bid at £14.50 with a delivery charge of £6.00. So in total I owned my new pair of dancing shoes for a fantastic price of £20.50 (look at my maths there!). A bargain when the retail price was £60! Surprisingly, they arrived two days later, which sparked an over excited run down the stairs at the sound of the flat buzzer. Luckily no one saw me in my pyjamas, which were stylish of course! The Sinitta's have already had a trial run and I was well prepared with party feet and plasters galore. I arrived home with only one blister! Good going for their first night out!

 eBay is a great way of recycling fashion and de-cluttering your wardrobe. I enjoy finding treats that are no longer are available in the shops, that have been loved but are ready for a new home. It's the modern version of jumble sales and car boots, a great tool to find vintage items at affordable prices. Be warned it's very addictive!

Start bidding,

Vintage Amy xx

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