21 January 2014

DIY Hairstyle Tips

Recently, I have discovered that paying more attention to my hairstyle has completed my look effortlessly. I fell into a habit of either wearing my hair down or in a top knot, which became dull and lifeless. I will admit that I was either spending extra time in bed or was to lazy to bother with a new style.

However, I have begun trialling out new hairstyles, which can be done quickly and without much effort. Perfect! I hear you cry - well let me tell you more.

Plaits/braids are my firm favourite new look as the technique is easy to pick up and can be worn in so many different ways. I either take a section to plait across my head or pull all my hair over to one side and braid accordingly. The beauty of these styles is that the messier the plait the better, which covers up mistakes easier and can be adapted to various hair lengths. Phew - no need to enter in that hair braiding course!!

Another easy trick is to pin a section of your hair on either side. I like to back comb slightly underneath the sections to provide lift. This hairstyle is extremely versatile as you can go all out with a beehive or keep it subtle with a tiny amount of lift. Sometimes - usually for nights out - I pull over most of my hair across to one side and pin in place for an edgier look. 

Buns are great for days where you need your hair to be out of the way. I prefer to wear mine on the top of my head but the bun can be positioned in different areas depending on the style you are trying to achieve. A top tip is to not use a hair bobble and simply twist and pin. Similarly, to the plait hairstyle this can be worn messy so no expert skills required!! 

I challenge you all - yes that means you - to try out a new hairstyle this week or weekend. I guarantee it will transform your look!! I have one demand - please let me know how you get on : )

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