02 May 2014

The Friday Girl Thinks: Should Women Wear Trousers?

Quite clearly, I think women should wear trousers if they want to. I love trousers, it's no longer an issue, women have been wearing trousers for 100s of years or something so people such as this crazy UKIP man who thinks that it's 'ugly' and he's even written a book about how much he thinks it should be illegal? Why is there still people in the world that are seriously this sexist? So in honour of this crazy guy, I've put together a little collection of my favourite trousers from the year so far. 

Because I LOVE TROUSERS. I especially think he'll hate the camouflage print ones! Well at least, I hope he does. I wonder what he thinks about jumpsuits? 

We can wear what we want, when we want and we won't have tunnel-visioned men like this telling us not to. Tweet me your thoughts about this post to @Theimageconsco or @alliemayredmond!

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