26 May 2014

The Swimwear Series: Straight up & down!

Last week we looked at swimwear for the gorgeous hourglass ladies out there. This week it's the turn of the athletic, straight up and down girls. Straight up & down ladies normally have minimal hips and not many in and out bits and they usually either like to add some curves in or just celebrate their athletic bodies. Either way, if this is you, we'll show you some fab swimwear which will complement you fabulously! 

A great celebrity example of a straight up and down girl in some great swimwear is Cameron Diaz. She always gets it right with her swimwear and looks effortless. Of course, you could say, that with a body like hers, you can wear anything, but that isn't strictly true. Even women like this have body hang-ups and she probably looks at J-Lo and Beyonce and wishes she had curves like theirs some days! 

These ladies can normally get away with a halter triangle bikini or the classic bandeau as they're normally in proportion with their chest to hip ratio and these look great. They can also pull the sporty look of really well. This Triangl bikini below is a great example, sporty thick fabric and a punchy print. 

If you want to add the illusion of curves then go for a detailing on the sides and the front of your bikini. Try ruffles as they're pretty, feminine and they really create the hourglass illusion. These two from ASOS are perfect for this.

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