19 June 2014

Beauty isn't a Size

Our stylist Amy can not resist an Urban Outfitters sale and after trying on a multitude of items she came away with three lovely pieces. As she left the changing rooms she noticed that each garment was a different size. A floral dress in a size small, her cropped blouse read a medium and her jumper came in at a large????? Crazy we know!!!

The truth is retailers have various boundaries and guidelines when making a garment so a small and medium can be very close in size. What the designers fail to realise is that women care a great deal about the size of their clothing. Here at The image Consulting Company we are ordering you to stop looking (or caring) for your own happiness. The importance in clothing is how the item fits and enhances your body shape with an importance on how it makes you feel. 

Amy feels fantastic in all her purchases and does not care if the each size is different. She admits that she may have gone for a bigger size due the look she is creating yet our point remains the same - the significance is the fit rather than the size. 

Would you mind buying three items of differing sizes? Please discuss. 

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