15 June 2014

Shimmering Shades of Silver

A colour that is shimmering its way through the season is silver! The subtle shade demands glamour or edge depending on the way it is worn. A full length gown will ooze luxury and sophistication in a contemporary expression whereas silver shoes or a statement top will provide a quirky edge to your outfit.

The shade spans from a matte subtle colour to a dazzling, bright version. Either variety can be introduced to your wardrobe in a stylish way. For daring experimental types try a bold jumpsuit or  skirt to stand out. A more reserved style will consider wearing a glimmering necklace, metallic nail varnish or a silver laced print. 

Introduce the colour in small ways to begin gradually building more confidence with the trend. Initially work with accessories adding more elaborate pieces later (if you so wish). Let's face it, we all have a silver necklace somewhere in our jewellery stash!! 

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