30 July 2012

Vintage Magpie

A few weekends ago, I took a trip back to my hometown in the North West. Catching up with my good friend who co-founded a vintage label called Vintage Magpie was planned for the Sunday evening. Last Christmas I received a gift from Vintage Magpie of four pairs of stud earrings and a cute heart bracelet, which I haven’t stopped wearing since. On my request, she brought along a selection of earrings for me to rummage through. I felt so special to be able to have first pickings of her newly made jewellery.

I settled for another four pairs, although it was very hard to choose. The first pair are white and round with a silver bow engraved in the middle (pictured below). The next two are lovely flowers, one burgundy and the other cream with a brown centre. The final pair are again a white circle with a lemon and green floral pattern. Each pair is perfect for my colour palette and style, I will be definitely be shopping for more very soon. Also, the dainty size of the stud earrings are ideal as when I wear my hair up, I prefer not to wear large oversized studs.


Vintage Magpie has everything I like in a vintage label. I love the feminine, cute and ditsy feel to the brand. The pastel palette and floral design gives a pretty and sweet touch. Each item is handmade making every piece special and unique. The prices are affordable allowing everyone to own a piece of Vintage Magpie. For example, my earrings were £3.50 per pair. Wow!!!

Vintage Magpie love to discover and source vintage treasures along their travels, adjusting them to give a more modern and contemporary feel, by maybe shortening a skirt or altering a dress. Attending many vintage fairs up North is just one way of selling their vintage handmade goods. Don’t worry, I will keep you updated with the details of their next fair or alternatively click Here to own a beautiful Vintage Magpie treasure.

To showcase their clothing collection Vintage Magpie have recently organised a photoshoot. The English country park location captures the charming and traditional feel of the brand. Using stunning models Coco Fierce, Suzie Sequin and Strawberry Venom, make up artist Jen Hunter and  creative photographer Elen Looms the shoot was a great success!! Check out some of their pictures below!

Until next time,

Vintage Amy xx

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