31 July 2012

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I had my beautifully wrapped brown paper parcel tightly in my hands, ready to post to my sister.  My route to the Post Office involves passing by a number of charity shops. After posting the pretty parcel (I tied a cute white bow to finish) I had completed my tasks for the day, so of course I popped into a few charity shops.
After strutting in a pair of vintage blue high heels, squeezing into a cute dress and fighting to open a man’s old briefcase, I settled for a beautiful mirror for £7.99. The double bevel edged mirror is enclosed in a pastel floral frame in shades of blue, pink and green. A perfect match for my lovely lamps (I'm a little obsessed with floral vintage lampshades).  Although I was not specifically looking for a mirror (as my wardrobe already has two full-sized ones) I couldn’t resist this bargain buy. So my mirror accompanied me on my return journey from Oxfam (up a very steep hill may I add). Dedication!

I have chosen to hang the mirror above my fireplace unless my housemate disagrees (as she is yet to find out about my impulse purchase). Oops, she does now! I am sure you will just love it.

I locate a lot of my furniture in charity shops, it’s a great approach to discover hidden treasures for any room in your house. It’s an inexpensive and creative way to find quirky, individual items and, of course, is a way of donating to charities. I love returning home and being surrounded by furniture that no one else owns- only me. Taking the time to build up a collection of unique furniture adds a personal touch to the interior of any room you are decorating. It has taken me years to find the perfect items that I love. It gives a great sense of accomplishment! I’m sure I will find lots more on my travels!

Surprise Yourself,

Vintage Amy xx


  1. Why not also try the fab outlets at Kilver Court near Shepton Mallet. I know you'll get lost in Interior Designer Jane Clayton's boutique, find some great Mulberry end of line bargains, fab clothing from designers such as Toast, Jack Wills, LK Bennett and loads more. You'll love it Amy! Not to mention the cute little tea shop.... Let me know what you think and take pics if you go! :) x

  2. Ooooo this sounds great, I will definitely try and visit soon and take some pics : ) xx