25 February 2014

How To Wear The Cape (Not The Superwoman Kind)

The newest item to be addressed in the "how to" series this week is the sophisticated outerwear garment...........the cape. No not the variety usually associated with a life saving superhero but the quirky, elegant kind that will be demanding attention this Spring!

Many may find the coat difficult to wear due to oversized nature and the unique placement of the armhole. However once the unusual garment is embraced, the cape can be take on an elegant and stylish persona.

  • The cape is great for both evening and daytime events. Simply opt for a lightweight fabric to compliment your evening frock or choose a wool fabric to match with your jeans and blouse.
  • The outerwear garment is available in a variety of colours and prints to either make a bold statement or remain subtly stylish.
  • For more colder climates team with a long sleeved slim fitting top to cover the forearm. Keeping the undergarment closer to the body will create a smooth line and counter balance the loose fitting of the cape. Choose either a jersey or fine knit item. 
  • Pair with either a pair of slim leg jeans or trousers to compliment the silhouette of the cape as too much excess fabric will not work.
  • The shape immediately screams 'style' due to the way the cape immediately transforms a simple outfit into a sensation within seconds.
If you don't believe us take a look below for yourself. Will you be purchasing a cape this season? Go on, embrace that inner Superwoman and remember take us a long for the ride!

Cape by Day:

Cape by Evening:

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