08 February 2014

Master The Art of Layering

The transitional season is beginning to slowly approach with one telling sign - the weather!!! The heavy sporadic showers clash with the beautiful sunshine rays leaving many confused and unsettled on how to dress for that days adventure. Layering is the key to surviving the ever changing climate providing depth and originality as well as a practical element to your wardrobe.

  • Start with thinner layers building up to heavier items e.g. wear a cotton tee followed by a cute sweater, finishing with a thick blazer or leather jacket.
  • The cotton layer is close to the skin allowing for breathability whereas the jacket provides a shield from the elements.
  • The jacket or sweater can be removed at the hotter moments and then replaced when the cold wind appears.
  • Wear with a pair of trousers, skirt or shorts or even use a dress as your base layer. Remember to add tights and socks during the colder months. 
  • An umbrella should be a permanent resident in your bag to avoid being drenched in the downpour. In addition, a hat, scarf and gloves are useful essentials to add warmth to your well styled outfit. As Spring approaches the weight of the scarf and hat can become lighter to reflect the climate. (This can relate to the thickness of your clothing too). 
  • The art of layering can see you through from day to evening with a careful selection of pieces.  
  • Experiment with a variety of textures, prints and colour to create a fun look, which will allow you to brave the day in style. 
  • To complete your outfit add a pair of stylish, chic boots to keep your feet warm during this season. Remind yourself of our How To Wear Ankle Boots post. 
If you would like further advice, get in touch. There are so many great items available ready to be layered in style!!!!

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