19 June 2013

SouthGate's Social Stylist: Christina Sim of Just So Fashion

As part of SouthGate Bath's recent Social Stylist competition, the first winner of the challenge: Christina Sim talks about her experience...

Christina’s writes:
"Taking part in Southgate’s Social Stylist challenge was such a fantastic opportunity to share and express my style with others. I was a little nervous knowing I would be caught on camera through the challenge but once we got stuck in, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and working with the team.

Having entered a brief summary of my style and a few photo’s to enter the competition. I was really pleased when SouthGate’s Personal Stylist Emmeline contacted me to talk about my style and love for fashion. When I discovered I had won, I knew I had a challenge ahead, but nothing prepared me for this excitement!

My brief was to style two outfits:‘The Big Day’ for the perfect wedding outfit and a ‘Spring/Summer’ ensemble of my choice.You can imagine my reaction when Emmeline revealed that I had a total of £475 to spend!!

So when it was time to hit the shops, new ideas sprung to mind. Emmeline suggested we went to the 2nd floor of Debenhams since it wasn’t an area I was terribly familiar with being a fan of Urban Outfitters andTopshop (yes ladies you can shop here in my age group). Emmeline challenged me to hunt down some items in a space of ten minutes!
After going our separate ways, we came together in Debenhams Personal Shopping area with some different ideas, I’m always open to new things, so was really pleased to try anything and everything. Although some things weren’t my usual style, once I had come across this dress from Phase Eight I knew it was the one, almost made-to-meaure. Emmeline showed me how to complete the outfit with a Coast fitted jacket and Ben De Lisi necklace which finished the outfit to my expectations of the perfect wedding day outfit.

After all the talk of weddings,it was time to get back in to the comfort zone ofTopshop.I love this store for their versatility,edgy styles and great all-age fashion. Knowing your age is one issue, knowing your style is another: when you’re over 35, don’t think it’s impossible to shop in younger fashion stores such as this. I find key pieces that work with my classic chic style, sometimes that’s simply a statement necklace, other times it’s a full outfit with wedges - which was good timing since I found my perfect Summer outfit here!

I love the the style of jumpsuits and after a bit of searching I found my perfect all in one. Simple and comfortable - I like the blank canvas which I can accessorise which is exactly what I did with the statement necklace, wedges and bag, if you have a plain dark colour - especially in summer, you need to make it more vibrant and give it life. I know what you’re thinking - jumpsuit? black? in summer?! For me -this is my style, I hate being cold and since we don’t get a great deal of sunshine, this is my versatile ‘dress up or dress down’ Summer outfit!

Once we had finished in Topshop, I was aware that I still hadn’t found any shoes for the wedding outfit, so it was last minute run - literally RUN to New Look where I couldn’t believe my luck - there waiting for me were my favourite style ankle strap shoes.They were on my feet and running to the cashpoint just before doors closed! I’m looking forward to wearing these with my shorts too.
As the day came to an end we took advantage of the deck chairs on the lawn in the sunshine for one final clip of the day. Exhausted? Yes.Would I do it again? Of course!

Being a devoted fashionista, I’m now really looking forward to the next 2 weeks inspiring others of my age, taking people through a journey of SouthGate learning things I didn’t know and showing others where they can shop and how. I hope you enjoy reading about my experience as much as I have enjoyed it so far. My blog: gives you a further insight to my world of fashion, I do hope you’ll follow me!
Happy Shopping!"

Just so...Christina x 

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