11 June 2013

Upfest Street Art

On Sunday I set out to hunt down the street art from Upfest -  Europe's largest live street art festival located in various venues across Bedminster, Bristol along with my boyfriend Andy. Aided by the glorious sun we were able to locate the creative visions of talented artists travelling from over 15 countries and all over the UK.

Which one is your favourite?? Mine is either the Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion piece. I was amazed by the large size and detailing of the iconic saying that makes reference to Bristol's floating harbour or the two antelope's hanging animals on a washing line. I also really enjoyed the clever way a dragon was created by a artistic map of Bristol.

I am looking forward to next year although I am hoping to not get stopped by the Police for taking a photograph of the Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion piece - of course a misunderstanding due to it being situated next to a bank.

For those impressed by our findings ensure you find out when next year's event is taking place or appreciate the existing art like we did.

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