30 June 2013

What to wear to Wimbledon...

With it being half way through the annual strawberry eating Fest that is Wimbledon. Many will be looking to head down to the SW location next week as we head into the final matches. Although the fashion stakes are no where near as high as Ascot for example, you never know who you may bump into or if your face will appear on the tv coverage. This said the dress code remains smart casual but always with a sense of summer. Here are a few perfect look examples to give you a little bit of inspiration...

Remaining consistently summery throughout. Be experimental with print and colour and don't forget to utilise your summer blazer! Remember that pops of colour are perfect in the summer and show playfulness as well as a sense of style. 

For help in finding your ideal summer look get in touch with one of our stylists to arrange a consultation!

Until next time stay smiling in the sunshine. 

Matt x

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