25 June 2013

Surviving a Festival in Style!!

As I was beginning to start packing my essentials for Glastonbury on Wednesday I thought I should share my tops tips to surviving a 5 day festival in style.

1. A Raincoat: Purchase a raincoat that you love as if it rains (fingers crossed it won't) this will be your entire outfit for the duration of the festival.

2. Dresses:  Frocks look pretty and are perfect for layering with a cardigan to keep warm yet stylish!

3. Leggings: Pack enough leggings for each day as they can easily slip under a dress and also dry really quickly if caught dancing in the rain.

4. Hair Accessories: Clips and bobbles are great for transforming your hair into a sensation. Simply create a cute plait or chic top knot and no one will notice you haven't been able to perform your usually beauty regime. Hair bands are perfect for creating a pretty stylish hairstyle.

5. Knee Socks: Take plenty of long socks to wear with wellies. Chances are you will be wearing wellies for the majority of the festival so socks provide comfort, style and warmth.

Which festival are you going this season? Let us know your 5 top tips to maintaining a stylish festival look.

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