25 July 2013

Classic like Kate...

So with the royal baby buzz having reached its final dizzying heights this week, we can all now relax safe in the knowledge that baby George is finally at home with mum and dad. But as we all know Kate is no ordinary mother. With the worlds eyes constantly upon her every move she makes is noted and this goes for her style too. With a tendency to keep it chic and classic, Kate has become quite the style icon. If you fancy adding a bit of this style to your wardrobe here is my pick of the Top Three Topshop dresses that display a similar classic edge, whilst remaining playful and feminine. 

With lace, florals and collars often seen on Kate, the edge comes in the colour and the cut. Often sticking to fitted pieces, the Duchess also likes to accessorise with hats, heels and clutches. Classic, feminine, fabulous. 

For help in working this style into your wardrobe why not use a stylist. Get in touch to arrange a consultation today. 

Until next time,

Matt x

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