05 July 2013

The Friday Girl: A Big Hello & My Summer Clutch Picks

Happy Friday Everyone!
Just to introduce myself as a new blogger, my name is Allie & I'm the newest member of The Image Consulting Company team!

Today I thought I'd just introduce myself and we'd have a little look at some Summer clutches. I don't know about you but during Summer, I don't like to lug my huge tote bag around with me. In Winter, it's great, you can use it as a wind shield, it holds all your extra socks, umbrellas and cough sweets! But in Summer when all you need is your tinted lip butter, some sunnies and your purse a clutch is definitely the way forward.

All you need for the Summer is bright colours, aztec prints, beading, embellishments and embossing. These things all brought together on your arm; summer bag heaven.
1. Accessorize
2. Primark
3. Boticca
4. Matalan

Hope you enjoyed my picks!

See you next week.

Allie x

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