03 July 2013

SouthGate Social Style Competition: Rosie Franklin

On Monday we told you about Rosie Franklin - Social Style winner for SouthGate's Style Challenge. 
If you missed out, check out her video here.

Rosie has been working hard to bring you the best of her style through Facebook, make sure you take a look and 'LIKE' the SouthGate page for an up to date style fix. 
In the meantime, read about her experience...

"I was incredibly excited about becoming a Social Stylist; not only was my style being called cool, I was also given £160 to add two new outfits to my collection of clothes! I was given the theme of ‘Summer Nights’ and my ideal ‘Spring/Summer’ outfit. My second cousin is getting married in August, so I figured it would be a great opportunity to combine my Spring Summer outfit for her wedding. I wasn’t too worried about being followed by cameras for the entire day: my philosophy & ethics teacher told my mother the week before that ‘Rosie would be a good TV presenter. She’s so calm. It’s just a shame her skirts are so short.’
Firstly, we embarked on my first ever trip to ’71 Queens’, a shop in little Southgate that stocks both up-and-coming brands and a range of vintage items. I had never ventured into the shop before and was impressed with the concept of new and old being combined in a high-street-type shop. I tried on several items, but my favourite had to be the ‘Winnie-the-Pooh’ dungarees. I base a lot of my clothing choices around nostalgia, so seeing something so childish made me smile and feel like a five year old again, despite being 5ft 10!
Visiting Debenhams was next on my list of ‘Rosie’s Favourite Shops’, in particular the ‘H! by Henry Holland’ brand. I had mentioned that I was influenced a lot by Japanese ‘Manga’ cartoons, so when we caught sight of a tie-waist dress covered in wide-eyed, multi-coloured faces it was perfect for my Spring Summer outift. A fabulous Matthew Williamson neon bag caught my eye too and looked perfect with the outfit teamed with a pair of floral, peep-toe pumps. Something I see myself wearing all summer through.
I LOVE socks and had mentioned the ‘Wall of Socks’ in Topshop to the team endlessly, so seeing it became mandatory. It did not disappoint. As well as picking three pairs of frilly, colourful socks, I spotted a beautiful salmon-pink, lacy dress that was just perfect for my ‘Summer Nights’ outfit and for my special occasion. Not only did my budget stretch to the ideal dress, my love for accessories was further fulfilled with a navy-blue and white-spotted bow headband, great for any outfit.
New Look was the final shop of the day and I needed one last thing; a pair of shoes to go with my dress. Emmeline challenged me with 10 minutes to find some shoes while she did the same. Once time was up, we compared notes and Navy pumps came out on top!
My outfits were completed. All that was left was to model the results. I have a slight vain streak, so being told to pose for photos was incredibly fun!
I enjoyed the entire experience so much and hope that you enjoy reading through my posts that will be coming over the next couple of weeks"

Until then....

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