31 July 2013

SouthGate's Social Stylist: Alex Noble

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Earlier this year, fashionista's and shoppers of SouthGate Bath were asked to enter a competition explaining why they've got style giving them the perfect opportunity to tell everyone about it, winning a fantastic prize too!

5 winners were given a brief for a shopping challenge along with a great budget and no restrictions; they were caught on camera during their time to spend this budget in any store at SouthGate for a specific occasion. Following this they have the added challenge of taking over the social content for SouthGate on Facebook too. No pressure then!

With only 4 weeks left, there is one more winner to reveal. However, for the next 2 weeks, Alex Noble will be inspiring you with her creative, daring yet chic style following her challenge to find the perfect 'Spring Summer' and 'BBQ Chic' outfits. 

Alex tells us what she thought of her challenge...

“I was at uni working for a stressful deadline when I got the phone call from Southgate about being selected as one of the social stylists. Talk about a dream phone call..I honestly had to pinch myself! Although my degree isn’t fashion related I have always been a style fan since I can remember always reading every magazine I could get my hands on. Today I am an avid pinterest and intagram fan and both websites provide me with a wealth of sartorial inspiration!

I was thrilled at the prospect of a spending spree at Southgate as there is so much brand variety it seems you can find anything amongst the collective rails. My favourite Southgate shopping destinations are Urban Outfitters, All Saints, 71 Queens, Kurt Geiger, Calvin Klein underwear and Topshop so these were the places I wanted to make a beeline for.

On the day of the Style Challenge I met with the Southgate team where Personal Stylist Emmeline informed me I had a total of £375 to spend. Easily the best news I’ve heard all year!! 

The first shop we went to was Topshop. After ten minutes of separating, Emmeline and I had between us picked up about half the shop’s stock. Very efficient shopping! Being a confident shopper and knowing my style I was drawn to bold pieces in this store and amongst my items were basketball vests and lime green/grey tie dye dress. 

A short while later in the changing room I decided on a neon pink tailored jacket over a bandeau ‘cats-eyes’ bikini with formal joggers. I thought this outfit would be perfect for a day to night bbq as it’s both smart and casual especially in our recent heatwave. I particularly love the current bare midriff trend so thought this day would be the perfect opportunity to experiment...particularly with Emmeline on hand to give styling advice.

After Topshop, Emmeline and I headed to All Saints. All Saints is always a first port of call when looking for day or night wear. The brief for this outfit was to select a perfect spring/summer look. There were so many statement pieces in store that took my breath away! I came across some fabulous embellished shorts and light summer jumpers in unusual textures and patterns. After falling in love with the shorts I was delighted that they worked with a great animal print knit. I love to mix patterns and unexpected textures which is why I loved this look so much I knew it would work for the challenge.

My experience as one of the Southgate stylists has been super enjoyable so far and truly once in a lifetime! I’m really looking forward to wearing my new clothes this season and posting content about my style to inspire others” 

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