31 March 2014

Bristol Fashion Weekend SS14: Overcoming Common Problem Areas

At Bristol Fashion Week this weekend, a really common problem that we came across is that many women are having trouble finding trousers and jeans that really fit well. Common issues were that they can fit in the legs but the waist would be too big and vice versa. 

This is where we need to think like men and visit a tailor! Men get their suits and trousers tailored all the time and it's a great way to really get something to fit your shape, perhaps a blouse that you love that fits perfectly in the bust but is a little big around the waist and body can be taken in to create a really nicely fitting garment. Chances are you'll wear the item more than you do now, so essentially it's an investment into your own wardrobe! 

Many people have the preconception that this is a really expensive option but taking up a pair of jeans or trousers normally costs around £10. This is a bargain to think that you'll have a near-on custom made pair of jeans. 

Hopefully this helps! More to come on Friday about Bristol Fashion Week SS14!

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