18 March 2014

How to Dress the Apple Body Shape

So, we are nearly there with our mission to guide our lovely ladies on how to feel condfident with their body shape. Today's, focus is the apple!

The Apple Shape Definition:

  • Holds more weight around the stomach area.
  • Has an undefined waist.
  • Typically, has a larger bust.
  • Usually has a good set of legs. 
Apple body shapes should concentrate on drawing attention away from your widest part - the torso. Wear the correct bra to ensure that your bust is well supported and creates a definite divide. A well fitting bra will provide lift that a larger bust needs. Tunic dresses skim the stomach area nicely creating a smooth line. Wrap over dresses that have rouching/ pleating detail provide extra fabric, which disguises the extra weight nicely. A v-neck line, which are usually associated with these kind of frocks enhance the bust perfectly. Team with a structure blazer to give waist definition - tailored jackets usually have curved darts/seams in the back to provide an illusion of a smaller waist - clever I know!!

Avoid any pattern or detailing around the waist especially a belt as this will draw the eye to your middle. Instead wear tops with pattern neckline inserts or shoulder detailing to capture attention and inject interest to your outfit. The only exception being if the print covers the whole of the dress as the eye is not led to one particular place. Raise the waistline of your trouser higher to keep your stomach area slimmer and choose a more bootcut/flair style to balance out your proportions. 

We know that is quite a lot of information to digest, so simply book in with a stylist today to provide expert advice on how to dress your unique body shape. We can even demostrate with your own wardrobe selection!! If you would like a free taster and 20% off your booking come and see us at Bristol Fashion Week at The Mall Cribbs Causeway. 

As mentioned previously the wrap dress with the pleated feature is perfect for the apple shape. Take a peak below - we dare you!!!

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