13 March 2014

How to Dress the Hourglass Body Shape

Our next body shape to tackle is the hourglass. If you missed out on our previous post on How to Dress the Rectangular Figure, click here or if you are unsure of what body shape category you fall under check below. 

The Hourglass Shape Definition

  • The bust and hips usually measure the same.
  • A defined waist.
  • The above points create a desirable curvacious silhouette.

Dressing the hourglass shape appropriately is based around showcasing your smallest part - your narrow waist. Opt for structured, fitted pieces that create smooth lines and fit effortlessly. Be careful to avoid extra bulk and box shapes as this will add unwanted volume. Celebrate your curves and try dresses that have a built in waist through elastic or tailoring. Belted jackets/coats and blazers that finish just before your hips accentuate your curves. Choose simple v-neck tops or blouses as these enhance your bust and draw attention to your waist. Wearing the correct bra will provide the support and lift needed to ensure a balanced look. 

Full and fitted skirts work well for the hourglass figure as both highlight your waist. A-line and circular styles nip in at the waist and pencil skirts hug your curves naturally. Opt for trousers with a slight flare to balance your proportions as slimmer styles can make you look top heavy on some occasions. Wear high-waisted trousers to again draw attention to your waist. Avoid too much detail at the hip such as pockets or embellishments (this also applies to the bust area).

Here at The image Consulting Company each figure is unique. Try out these simple guidelines to see what works best for you. If you would like more information please get in touch or pop along to see us at Bristol Fashion Week at The Mall Cribbs Causeway. 

A selection of styles for the hourglass body shape. 

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