03 March 2014

Yellow in Spring/Summer 2014

Yellow is back for Spring/Summer 2014 in a big way.
Here are a few outfit inspiration ideas for you for the yellow trend. A lot of people get scared of the colour yellow thinking that it might wash them out or make them look jaundiced! This can happen, but it is easily avoided with the right shade of yellow. 
Follow these tips if you're planning on wearing yellow near your face. You can wear whatever shade of yellow on your bottom half paired with a neutral on top for a stylish finish.For paler/cool skin tones
If you have a cool skin tone, which means that over silver and gold, silver flatters your skin more, you can wear lovely pale yellows. A deeper sunflower yellow could be a little bit too much on your skin and may be overpowering. This Warehouse top could work really well paired with jeans and some bright courts or pointed flats.

For deeper/tanned/warm skin tones
If you have a tan and gold/warm tones flatter your skin and make you look more radiant you can get away with brighter sunflower yellows which will make you look even more sunny! 

For dark skin tonesIf you have gorgeous dark skin you're so lucky because you can wear pretty much every colour under the sun without it washing you out. This is a common thing that we see when we're out and about on the road at events like Bristol Fashion Week, women with fabulous dark skin and what are they wearing? Drab shades of brown and black that are just bringing their skin tones down into the dumps. If you're afraid of wearing colour, why not just introduce some colour to your wardrobe with a bright scarf, it's a low risk investment because you can pick them up really cheaply to see whether you like it or not! 
HOMEWAREYellow is big in interiors at the moment too and here at The image Consulting Company we love interior design just as much as the latest fashion trends. Here are a few of our favourite interiors pieces guaranteed to brighten up your home!

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