10 December 2013

How To Accessorise: Part One

This weeks topic: How to accessorise an outfit

Do you find that your outfit feels incomplete and a little boring? Find out how I managed to transform my outfit through statement accessories in three instalments.

Fashion Dilemma: I realised that my outfits were starting to become a little dull and uninspiring, which led to me to thinking about ways I could add creativity within existing outfits.

Aim: My aim was to find inexpensive solutions to re-invent my look!! Accessories were the obvious answer but I wanted to remain true to my style so began searching for items that were relevant.

Solution: In my search I found three particular types of accessories that worked well with my style and cleverly created an illusion that I was wearing a whole new outfit. Firstly, I chose a bowler hat, which would easily fit in with my existing look. I love how my bowler hat immediately turns a simple top and jeans into a stylish, sleek outfit; a comfortable look that has attitude and edge. Look out for the next two accessories that have added an extra touch to my style.

Top Tip: Experiment with different styles of hats that work for you and fit perfectly. It takes confidence to wear hats as I was worried everyone would be looking at me and it may be annoyingly uncomfortable. Luckily, my hat fits really well and I forget that I am wearing it giving me confidence - only once the wind caught my precious hat leaving me running gracefully (I'm sure) trying to recover it.

What type of hat do you wear? A beanie, trilby or, like me, a bowler hat? I would love to know your secret hat tips. Alternatively, if you have a fashion dilemma please comment below or get in touch.

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