20 December 2013

The Friday Girl's Tips: Festive Party Survival Essentials

It's party season and from personal experience, girl to girl, I know that sometimes disasters can happen and that I need to have outfit and beauty emergency tools on hand to keep me looking and feeling fabulous. I'm sure a lot of you are the same and you can only feel your absolute best if everything goes to plan. Sometimes, things don't go to plan, and you need my little survival kit at home whilst you're getting ready and a few bits in your clutch bag to keep you looking 100% party ready.

First of all, you need perfect underwear for your shape and your outfit. If you haven't had a bra fitting, next time you're shopping take ten minutes for yourself and visit a department store or underwear boutique and have a fitting. You'll see an instant difference if you're wearing the wrong size bra, and trust me, around 80% of women the world over are wearing the wrong sized bra. Try some shapewear if you're wearing a slinky body-con dress to really show off your shape. Check out 
Topshop Shapewear to see the one I've featured. 

Secondly, a secret weapon of mine is the trusty body tape! You can pick this up in a lot of different stores and online and it's a god-send to keep everything where it should be. Personally, I find that I don't fill some playsuits or dresses enough for them not to gape open so I just grab a little bit of tape and voila, no unwanted peekaboos.

Blister plasters are a must to keep in your handbag, and I find that Compeed are the best by far, they really work on those poor heel-clad dancing feet! Also, if you're an over-sized clutch lover like myself you can grab a mini dry shampoo and deodorant to pop in there to keep you feeling fresh. 

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