07 December 2013

Wardrobe Top Tips: Week 6

How did the shopping trip go? Did you purchase items from your list???

Once safely back in the comfort of your own home it is time to experiment with new outfits and to discover if the items work in the way that you had hoped. Do those cute ankle boots look great with your dresses, skirts and jeans as you had imagined? Does the navy blazer become a staple that can be worn with almost every outfit?

After you have tried all the outfits on make sure you hang each item away in the correct place (remember by product as I explain Here). This applies to every time you wear a piece from your wardrobe, you should hang it away properly to avoid making your closet look messy. 

Personally, unless the new piece is for a special occasion, the item should be worn within a 2 week period (if not less). If not the item should be returned as unfortunately it is not the perfect piece. 

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