28 December 2013

How To Survive The Sales

Christmas Day is over (sad face) and many high street stores are heaving with bargain hunters hoping for the perfect item in the sales. My Facebook feed was filled with those who braved the Next sale on Boxing Day at 5am. Even though I love a bargain I refuse to shop on Boxing Day as I think this festive day should be reserved for family time, movies and food : ). Anyway, rant over and on with the task in hand.

  • Brace the shops early to avoid elbowing your way through the crowds. The sale department will also be tidy and organised from the close the night before.
  • Pick out pieces that you are drawn to and reassess later.
  • Don't purchase items because of the cheap price, ask yourself do I actually need this and will I wear this regularly?
  • Take a break to relax and compose yourself, especially if the stores are busy. It is easy to become irritated when there are a lot of people around.
  • Don't wear too many layers! Stores and shopping centres are usually hot so you will end up carrying coats and cardigans, which make the process more difficult. 
  • Either take a friend with you for support or go alone to make the task more focused. You could always meet up for a coffee to show off your purchases.
  • Remember quality over quantity!! 

  • Also, remember that this is a fun trip and there is no pressure to purchase anything - just enjoy it!
  • Head out with a budget in mind and try not to exceed this amount with items you don't need.
  • Good Luck!!!!!
If you need a helping hand to brave the sales why not book one of our personal stylists to help you find great bargains!!! I am off to the new Primark in my hometown today - wish me luck. 

Vivienne Westwoods quote is very relevant to sale shopping!! Choose those best pieces rather than purchasing a lot of 'ok' items!!

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