03 December 2013

How To Not Get Stuck in A Rut

This weeks topic: How to not get stuck in a rut!!

How many of you are guilty of reaching for similar items whilst out shopping? I certainly was!! Find out how I changed my shopping habits below.

Fashion Dilemma: I found myself purchasing similar items, which eventually became uninspiring. I felt as though I was buying different versions of floral dresses and although I love a pretty frock it was  time to expand my range.

Aim: My goal was to purchase items that would add a new, exciting element to my wardrobe steering away from similar items. I was discovering that whilst wearing my new purchase (a floral dress), I felt as though I had owned the piece for ages - not a great feeling!!

Solution: I set myself a task to locate items that were slightly out of my comfort zone and totally new. I didn't want to change my look completely as I love my individual style but I wanted to branch out a little. My first purchase was a long sleeved bodycon dress from Warehouse. I usually avoid tight fitting items, as I like the oversized look, but I was ready to try a new fit. As a result, I love wearing my new dress and every time I step out in the new addition I feel adventurous and gain confidence.

Top Tip: When choosing a bodycon style, opt for a well manufactured dress that is produced from a high quality fabric. This allows the dress to fit perfectly without becoming too tight and overstretched. The sole reason for usually avoiding this silhouette is because the cheaper fabrics ride up becoming uncomfortable. My dress is great value at £38!! Mission completed!!

Do you feel like you need to explore new avenues? Try something new? If so, get in touch!!! Remember if you have any styles questions please let me know, I would love to solve your latest fashion dilemma!!

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