01 July 2014

How to Survive Glastonbury in Style!

Rain, mud, thunder, mud sunshine and more mud was the tricky style situation at Glastonbury this year, our stylist Amy recalls! The constant change in weather however, didn't dampen her spirits as she danced to her favourite bands and trecked across the fields - even when her floral vintage cardigan became a victim to the mud! The main reason is that she was very prepared and embraced the situation.

Here is her top tips for surviving Glastonbury (or any other festival) in style:
  • Pack the essentials - waterproof, wellies, wet wipes, suncream, hairbrush, dry shampoo, make up and of course a floral hair garland!
  • Take a backpack that can hold the items you need whilst not at the tent.
  • Layer! With the change in weather you will be constantly adding to or elimating items to your outfit. 
  • Wear clothing that is easy to wash as no matter how careful you are, other people are not. You will be guaranteed to be splashed by mud on various occasions - black tights/leggings are a great barrier. The cardigan in question is drying as we speak! 
  • Embrace the mud as their is no escape!
  • Carry an umberella as at heavy downpours you will be extremely grateful.
  • Make up is great for hiding tired eyes and providing a refreshed look. 
  • A picnic blanket with a plastic side/camping chair is great for giving your legs a rest from walking in your wellies. 
  • Do wear clothes you like however, not items that will leave you devastated if they get ruined. 
  • Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated and eat regulary to provide the much needed energy. 
If you would like any more tips get in touch or why not ask Emmeline at our #LiveStylistHour tomorrow between 9-10am.

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