12 July 2014

Zara Sale Wish List

We are carelessly spending this glorious Saturday afternoon wistfully dreaming about the beautiful items in the Zara sale! Instead of hitting the spend button or frantically running to the shops we have decided to invite you to share our love for the pretty garments. 

Of course, there is nothing we like more than finding a true bargain so with all retailers (like Zara) launching their sales with incredible reductions we couldn't resist sharing the great finds we found at Zara. To be honest it has been a surprise to see how large the percentages have initially been with most stores beginning at a massive 50% drop and increasing to 75% in a short space of time. Also, in the initial stages the sale is overwhelmingly big with the department taking over a large proportion of the store. Although, many love to uncover a bargain it is unfortunately a reflection of the current state of the high street. 

Here is our wish list from the Zara sale that we created hoping at least one garment finds it's way into our wardrobes this Summer. Have you complied yours yet? - go on it's thearputic and fun - we promise! 

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