20 July 2014

The Hamam Towel. Emmeline tells us why they're the best beach/home/fashion accessory

You may have seen in this weeks Bath Chronicle magazine supplement 'Weekend' in which I talk about how to pack the perfect suitcase for your holidays. If you have your hands on a copy then you will see that one of the best beach accessories I talk about is the hamam towel. It's a clever little cotton towel; If you don't own one, you should!

The traditional Turkish Hamam towel; complimentary to the Hammam Turkish Bath is not only the perfect item to pack for your holidays because of it's compact folding size, but the ideal beach, swim or home accessory. They have multiple uses and don't cost the earth. They've been around for years but have recently made a modern come back in all shapes, colours and sizes. 

Use as a beach cover-up, a towel to dry yourself or lay upon

Use it to protect from the sun or wind

Use them at home as a hand towel, tea towel or even table decoration

And for those of you clever with your clothes: fold it many directions for the perfect multi-purpose item of clothing. Perfect for the kids too.

Priced from approx £18

We found ours at the following retailers; 

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