23 July 2014

Work the Heat in Style

How are you coping?

Now, we are not one to complain about the heat but July has been unbearably hot especially when working in an office with NO air conditioning. We've all been there and endured a stressful day that leaves you running for fresh air come 5 o'clock. To help we have compiled a list of useful items to wear to see you through the heat wave in style.

  • Flowing Skirts - avoid sticking to the chair and allows for air to circulate around your legs.
  • Loose Fit Dresses - unstructured dresses do not cling to your figure allowing for your skin to breathe. 
  • Cotton Tops - simple cotton tops are more breathable than polyester blouses
  • Sandals - wear a simple shoe that is not too tight and lets your feet escape rather than a closed shoe or boot. 
  • Culottes - are a great alternative to trousers and are loose fit around the legs
  • A Fan - to cool yourself in a chic way!

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