15 July 2014

The Stylist Challenge: Try Something New This Summer

We've all had the realistation that appears when you are asked to try on an outfit or garment that you are unsure of and it is perfect!! An item can look unflattering when hanging lifelessly on the hanger yet when the garment is tried on the design looks amazing!! 

It is always worthwhile heading to the changing rooms if you are unsure of an item or a garment that has been recommended by a friend to your despair. However, trying on a range of styles and shapes can allow for you to identify what highlights your figure well and what doesn't quite work. It is great to experiment whilst shopping and stepping out of your comfort zone. 

As Personal Stylists we regularly encourage clients to try items that we have picked that they are initially uncertain of. It is fantastic to witness the delight and confidence that women feel in clothing that compliments their figure especially when it is designs that they never would have dreamed to select without our help.

We challenge you to try on a new item this Summer that you are uncertain of! Let us know how you get on!

This little fella sure got a surprise!! 

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