30 November 2013

Wardrobe Top Tips: Week 5

So, how is your shopping list looking? Not too long I hope!!

The next step is to find all the items that will help complete your wardrobe and form some killer outfits. I understand that for some this may be a daunting prospect of hitting the shops alone, so here are ten useful tips to guide you.

1. Remember your list as this is a useful tool to refer to whilst shopping. Relying on memory will leave you confused.

2. Keep focused on the task in hand. Don't forget the reason you have decided to come on the shopping trip.

3.  For many, shopping is overwhelming so make sure you take regular breaks, which will help you to relax.

4. Be strict with yourself and avoid temptation. Don't get me wrong, if you fall in love with an item that you know you will wear time and time again, I understand that this gem has be purchased but do not go too crazy - stick to the list!!

5. Head to shops you feel comfortable in to begin with and then start to explore other stores that may have the perfect item.

6. Don't rush. Your list doesn't not have to be purchased straight away as this will lead to panic buying if you feel like you have to accomplish the task in one trip.  You may find items when you least expect it!

7. Take a friend with you for guidance and advice, which will also make the trip more enjoyable.

8. Try everything on to ensure that the item fits perfectly and it is definitely the right choice. There is nothing worse than when you have to keep returning items that are not quite right.

9. Try to avoid busy periods as this will make the experience less stressful. Either time your shopping trip early or late afternoon for a more quieter environment.

10. Whilst browsing if unsure of a particular item simply pop it in the basket and reassess once in the changing room. If still uncertain it is not meant to be.

Good Luck!! Let me know how you get on. If you would like help with completing that shopping list, get in touch. We would love to join you!!

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