28 April 2014

10 of The Best Summer Night Out Tops

Even though it's coming to summer, we still need a lovely selection of evening wear, something that we often pair with Christmas parties and the like. When it comes to Summer evening wear, long sleeves and thicker fabrics are gone which can be daunting for some of us who like to cover up! 
Here's a lovely little selection of 10 of the best evening and night out tops suitable for partying those summer nights away, whatever your body shape! Click here for all the links to the pieces.

1. Strappy Topshop Cami 
This is perfect for straight up and down or smaller busted girls, perfectly pretty and would look fab with skinny jeans and some bright heels. 

2. Debenhams Draped Top
This pretty cornflower blue colour is lovely for the summer and the clever draping at the front is fab if you carry a little extra weight at the front of your stomach and you want to conceal it. The long sleeves are also great if you're not comfortable having them out. Who said the summer has to mean sleeveless tops? 

3. Grey Peplum The Outnet
This is another one that's really good for straight up and down girls if you want to give yourself a bit more shape with the illusion of the peplum. 

4. Mango Scarf Print
This Mango number is another one with fantastic draping at the front to conceal any tummy that you want to hide. 

5. Pink Peplum
Another amazing peplum top but this one is in a lovely bright pink colour, perfect for the summer time. 
6. ASOS Boxy Kimono
This is really good if you want to cover your upper arms if you aren't comfortable with them. This top isn't great for ladies with larger busts, a C cup is probably the biggest that would look good with this top due to the boxy shape and high neck. 

7. House of Fraser Green Drape Cami
This is a pretty draped top, again good for love handles and tummy problems as it will skim over it. 

8. River Island Floral Shirt
This pretty floral print is great for flowing over lumps and bumps too but also looks great on straight up and down ladies. Don't do it up to the top button if you have a large bust as this will only make you look bigger.

9. River Island Cross Over Stripe
Another perfect straight up and down girl's top or perfect for pear shaped ladies because if you pair it with some black skinny jeans all the interest will be drawn up top and your pear is a thing of the past! 

10. Debenhams Cross Over Wrap Top
Another perfect wrap over top great for top-heavy ladies. 

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