08 April 2014

Kate Moss' Personal Style Dilemma

A multitude of women we meet at The image Consulting Company are unhappy with certain areas of their body image - convinced that everyone is focused on that particular area - more than likely not one single person has noticed.

Kate Moss is a classic example. Yes the world class supermodel,  yes the style icon and YES the face that has adorned the cover of Vogue magazine for the 35th time - but whose counting.......right? Recently,  the beauty declared "I have bow legs!" Did you honestly notice??? As we certainly didn't!!

The model's style rule is to never wear calf length clothes to avoid drawing attention to this area of her legs. Her realisation and strict fashion guide may be the reason for us not noticing her "bow legs" or has this been dramatised in her own mind?

Every woman thinks negatively about a specific area of their body - you are certainly not alone. Ensure you dress for your shape to enhance and celebrate your female form. Kate Moss avoids mid-calf lengths to make herself feel at ease and to compliment her figure showing her best assets. 

Also praise yourself everyday. Pick an area of your figure that you LIKE!! The positive thoughts will give you confidence for the day rather than feeding your insecurities. We challenge you to look in the mirror and see your best attributes. What are yours?

She stays true to her word opting for mini, full length or jeans to dictate her personal style!! However, she doesn't wear oversized, loose fit trousers to hide her insecurities but wears sophisticated styles and plays with lengths to showcase her qualities. 

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