03 April 2014

Shades of Orange for SS14

Another colour that has earned a place on the SS14 colour council this season is orange. Yes, the vibrant, bold shade has caused many wrinkled brows at Bristol Fashion Week as women flocked in a panic that they must wear orange from head to toe. After guiding the ladies to a comfortable seat (are you sat down) we carefully explained that each trend/colour can be interpreted to suit your requirements (a calmer look and smile appears - true?).

So.........there are various shades of the striking colour that can be worn by a variety of skin tones. The deep rust colour oozes warmth and therefore can be worn by warmer skin tones. The red based version is bright with an underlying warm element giving a much needed glow. Cooler skin tones should stick to a more lively orange that stear towards the neon variety. 

Ease the delightful colour into a Summer print, an accessory or lipstick to introduce orange to your look. The strong nature of the shade will pop ensuring that the trend is well and truely embedded into your natural style. 

Do you wear orange? If yes, share how........if not, ensure you give it a try this season. 

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