21 October 2013

Classic Style: Michael Kors

Creating a classic style in the wardrobe:

There are ways to set a trend and there are ways to draw attention from those in awe of your style. But whatever that style might be, there's always room for a classic staple item in the wardrobe. 

Classic designer brands such as Ralph Lauren, Prada, Chloe, Chanel etc etc all have their place in the market and a price tag to match. But a brand such as Michael Kors create not only classic styles to match those of high designer brands but the price tag is affordable to those who prefer quality over quantity. Remember, splash out on one or two key items in the wardrobe and work them with high street affordable trends for an enviable style and wardrobe that will work season after season. 

Invest in items such as an all important trench, typical tote, black court shoe or the ever so popular Michael Kors Chronograph Watch to complete a classic look that you won't need to replace for a very long time!

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