25 October 2013

The Friday Girl's Tips: Dress for your shape; Pears! 2/2

Happy Friday lovelies, this is your second installment of the How to Dress for Your Shape if you're a pear! You can read the first part, on tops, here.

This part is all about how to dress the part that is all part of the problem, the bottom half. Whether it be your bum or your legs, or both, these bits are going to be slightly bigger than the top of you, hence making you a pear shaped lady. This shape can also be called the triangle shape, if you've heard that one before and might be wondering what that is. 

We're going to look at some clever tips & tricks with trousers & skirts to enhance your gorgeous figure. 

The classic jean cut for a pear shaped figure is anything that will balance your ankles out with your hips such as a boot-cut jean or even a flare. I love a flared, wide-leg jean and you can find some great ones at Levi's. Levi's do a great range called Curve ID where they have three fits, so depending on the size of your pear, they will have the perfect fit. They come in Slight, Demi and Full curve. 

Top tips for trousers & jeans
- Stay away from side pockets or detailing as this will add volume to your hips
- Go for clean, tailored lines so there's no distractions from your great bum!
- Belts should be slim and a dark or similar colour to your jeans/trousers so to not draw attention to the bit you're trying to remedy!

An A-Line or Pencil skirt will look great on a pear-shaped figure. The pencil may be for the more body-confident of the pears, but trust me, just try one and you'll be amazed by the confidence boost it will give you! You could even try an illusion pencil skirt or dress to make the body seem even longer and slimmer. This camel one from Next is a great autumn neutral and has the eye-drawing illusion panel down the centre. At only £22 this is a bargain for a piece of fashion magic!

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Bye for now! 
Allie x

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