18 October 2013

The Friday Girl's Tips: Dress for Your Shape: Pears!

Over our time at Bristol Fashion Week, we did a little bit of market research and we found that a lot of the women we saw were pear shapes. This means slightly heavier on the bottom than the top. We saw size 8 pears to size 18 pears! A lot of ladies are surprised that pear shapes can be smaller sizes but they can, it just means that you're bottom half isn't in perfect proportion with your top! But who wants to be perfect, hey? 

Here's a little post to give some little hints and tips for dressing the pear, this week I'm focusing on tops

Being a pear, one of the best things to do is elongate your figure and balance out your top half with your hips. Draw the eye up with slightly padded shoulders or a statement scarf or necklace. Highlight your waist with a skinny belt if wearing a dress and wear something dark and slimming on your bottom half if you're very conscious of it.

Try a bright top to draw the eye upwards, here are some from Topshop I'm loving at the moment;

This is also a fab shirt from Marks & Spencer which will elongate the torso and draw attention upwards; perfect tucked in to a pair of tailored trousers for a smart effortless look

Last tip: One of the worst things that you can do is wear a big baggy garment on top to cover yourself up as it will just look like you're as big as your bottom half all over! 

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