14 October 2013

Lighter Life: How to dress for your changing shape

Recently the team here at The image Consulting Co took to pages of the 'Lighter Life' magazine styling a photo shoot for four lovely ladies who have lost a total of 26 stone on the Lighter Life diet plan. The results of which are now featured on the Lighter Life blog: 

"On our recent LighterLife magazine photo shoot, Emmeline styled looks for four of our fabulous slimmers, who had lost 26 stone between them (check out the pic below to see what they looked like after their makeover). They all felt amazing in their new outfits, but admitted they had no idea what to wear now that their shape had changed.

Emmeline offered four top tips on what to look out for when shopping for your new shape:

Colour: Wearing the right colour can make a big difference to your overall look – and how you feel as well. Many people wear black and hide behind that because they think it’s slimming, but in actual fact building different prints and colours into your wardrobe can help you balance out your proportions better and feel more confident in what you’re wearing.
Size: Remember that the label is just a number. It’s different in every shop, so don’t just religiously stick to one size because it’s what you’ve always worn. Take a few different sizes into the fitting room and try them all on.

Fit: Lots of women continue to wear baggy clothes, even after they’ve slimmed down and a lot of LighterLife clients have told me they don’t know how to wear fitted garments now. The most flattering clothes hug your shoulders and nip in at the waistline. We tend to hide our waistlines – but really emphasising that can help make you appear slimmer. Try things on and move around in them to really get an idea of how that garment is going to fit you.
Accessorise: The right accessories, such as a necklace or a bangle, can really lift an outfit and perhaps take the focus away from areas you don’t want to emphasise. Try on a few different bits and bobs with each outfit to see what looks good – but remember not to go overboard. One or two statement pieces are far better than three or four small ones

Well done ladies - you all look fantastic and have happy healthy bodies with amazing results :)

Want to know what goes on behind the scenes? 
Head over to Emmeline's blog to find out!

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