24 October 2013

Let's get serious about Sweaters!

Ok so for a long time, the sweater has been viewed as the go to winter warmer! The item of clothing that doesn't always appear the most stylish, but will provide all the comfort you need.
This has all been changed!
Thanks to a sudden surge in designer interest, the humble sweater has seen a boost in popularity as well as a rise in the style stakes!
AW13 brings with it the widest variety of fits, styles, colours and shapes seen in a very long time. Perhaps ever!
Whilst high end designers really set the bar, the high street is offering accessible styles at a much more affordable price. Here is the rundown of my top 3...

Knitted Croc Front Sweater

Topshop Croc Front Sweater

River Island Leopard Print Jumper

River Island Leopard Print Sweater


Zara Striped Sweater

So there we have it. I couple of options for you to consider when you are out shopping this weekend.

Until next time,

Matt x

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