26 November 2013

My Personal Fashion Dilemmas Answered

I have decided to regularly share with you my own fashion dilemmas that I have faced and overcome. I thought a personal insight into challenges I face with my own body shape and style, will help you in your own journey. I realised that many issues that I have solved are very similar to those I hear from clients I talk too. This will become a weekly post so please share any problems you are experiencing as I would love to help.

So, lets get started, my first dilemma is: I have a long torso and struggle to find trousers and skirts that fit well. I also have a love for cropped tops.

Solution: I began to realise that I needed to invest in high waisted trousers and skirts to meet my cropped tops and to draw the eye line to my waist giving an illusion of a shorter torso. Since my epiphany, I have indulged in a pair of high waisted black jeans, high rise tube pants and a pair of high waisted leggings (picking up skirts along the way which are easier to find).

Outcome: I usually wear a lot of dresses (which I love) but felt that I wanted to vary my wardrobe and make use of tops that I haven't been wearing. The realisation has given me confidence to wear tops I usually wouldn't as I didn't want to show too much of my stomach and was forever trying to pull up my trousers to the desired point. High waisted trousers also create a nice smooth line around the stomach area disguising any unwanted bumps.

Advice: High waisted trousers have to fit perfectly around the waist, bum and legs without being uncomfortable. My advice is to try lots of different pairs on to locate the best pair in a variety of shops. I think I tried 6 pairs of the same tube pants on in River Island. These are not an item that you can buy in a hurry.

Have you ever had this problem? If you have any dilemmas that you are facing and would like any help, please get in touch. Either comment below and I will write a blog post or email for a more private answer.

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