02 November 2013

Wardrobe Top Tips: Week One

A lot of women we meet on our travels describe how their wardrobes are bursting with items that haven't left the constraints of their closet for years (poor things). Women continue to shop squeezing new items into a wardrobe that oozes potential.

I have decided to share some simple tips on how to improve and maintain your wardrobe habits. I will update weekly to give you time to complete each task (as miracles don't happen over night). Stay tuned!!

1. Take some time to empty your wardrobe carefully considering each piece.

2. Ask yourself how often do I wear each item? When was the last time I wore it? How did it make me feel?

3. Depending on each answer create piles (or sections in the wardrobe to avoid too much mess) of YES, NO and MAYBE.

Typical answers

  • I wear it all the time: YES
  • I wear it every so often: MAYBE
  • I haven't wore it in years: NO
4. After some careful consideration it is time to review the MAYBE pile to decide if they join the YES group or are added to the NO.

5. I realise this is no laughing matter and you may require some time to decide or a friends help or even guidance from a stylist at the The Image Consulting Company. Let us know how you get on by commenting below or get in touch we would love to help.

Go from a messy, uncontrollable wardrobe to an organised, neat closet with my top tips!!

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